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If you are having a problem logging in please note that this site requires that cookies be enabled. Cookies could be blocked from your browser (you can check the browser settings) or by your company's firewall (your IT department will need to check this).

Our tests in Internet Explorer version 6 indicate that Privacy settings of 'High' and 'Block All Cookies' prevent the site from working but settings of 'Medium High' and lower work properly. Due to the complexity of IE security there is no simple set of steps we can give you to rectify the problem. The Internet Explorer online help covers the topic in depth.

We have also found that certain pop-up blockers will prevent proper download of our software and may need to be disabled prior to downloading.

If you need help with Cookies, please refer to Internet Explorer help or the following Microsoft Knowledge Base Articles:

Please note that the first article has a significant number of additional references regarding cookies at the bottom of that article.