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Design Notes


This project shows a Printed Microstrip Filter designed on a 15 mil Alumina substrate. The original design was done as a linear schematic, optimized for correct operation frequency then simulated with AXIEM using the extraction flow for clarification of the design. Simulations show a comparison between a pure EM simulation with AXIEM and a more efficient hybrid approach that combines EM analysis (using X-Models) and coupled line elements with conventional circuit simulations and makes use of the symmetry.

The use of X-Models shows the vast speed improvements using a linear schematic over that taken by a full electromagnetic approach.


Within this project is one design, "LPF_Schematic". Some of the elements are set to be optimized and the optimizer used to ensure the filter meets the correct frequency specification. As a final check, the layout of the filter can be simulated with Axiem, the 3D planar electromagnetic tool, to ensure correlation of the results. The extraction flow is an easy and efficient way of simulating all or part of your design in EM.

The "LPF Axiem" shows the filter in the Axiem electromagnetic simulator, which may also be viewed in three dimensions.

The agreement can clearly be seen in the graphs. The added benefit is that the linear schematics take less than 1 second to simulate and the full EM design takes two orders of magnitude longer to simulate.

Schematic - LPF_Schematic

Schematic Layout - LPF_Schematic

EM Structure - LPF Axiem (AXIEM - Async)

Graph - Group Delay

Graph - EM VS Circuit Simulation

Graph - Stopband

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