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AWR Design Environment v15 What's New

What's New Organization

The Cadence® AWR Design Environment® 15 What's New document is organized into several sections:

Features listed in this document may also include links to videos or reference examples included in the AWR Design Environment platform installation. Examples are listed by file name, for example: filename.emp. To find an example in the AWR Design Environment platform, choose File > Open Example and type the example name.

The following are updates for minor versions:

Major Feature Overview

Documentation, examples, and videos for many of the new features in this release are still in development. Visit the Announcing v15 page of the Knowledge Base for the most recent information regarding this release. New examples and videos are uploaded as they become available.

Known Issues for This Release

This section is updated as known issues are fixed.


The VSS PHARRAY_F block now more accurately models the interaction between array elements. As a consequence, the block runs slower in v15 than in v14; Time Domain simulations, particularly those with MIMO enabled, may be much slower. You may want to consider retaining v14 to run those simulations.

v15 Licensing And Operating System Changes

NOTE: AWR Design Environment v15 software no longer supports Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 operating systems.

Advanced load pull now requires the LPL-100 license features. See “Licensing Changes” for details.

Early Access Features

Thank you for your interest in an AWR Design Environment platform "Early Access" feature. In an effort to get customer feedback on features we are developing, and to ensure that those features are successfully solving the full range of the intended real-world engineering problems, Cadence® is releasing select features in this "Early Access" state. These features, while in the software, require a license to access. To use these features please contact your local AWR Sales representative to obtain documentation and the appropriate license(s). Cadence strongly encourages you to provide feedback to ensure that these features work well and solve your engineering problems.

Early Access features in AWR Design Environment platform v15 software include these abilities:

AWR Design Environment

AWR Microwave Office and Analog Office


Analyst 3D Editor

  • “Environment”: The Navigator and Browser now support Search operations.

  • “Structure”: Structure changes include new or moved ribbon options and toolbar buttons, custom camera presets, use of solid references, and a new attribute application option.

  • “Scripting”: Scripting changes included new cancellation and failure behavior prompts, and changes to the min and max functions.

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