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Version 15.04 Updates

The Cadence® AWR Design Environment® platform version 15.04 software includes the following new features, enhancements, and user interface changes.

Job Scheduler/Remote Computing

  • Improved the reliability of remote EM simulations on Linux when network disconnections occur.

  • Improved resumption of log updates in the Simulation Window for remote Linux jobs after a network disconnect and reconnect.

  • Improved error reporting for remote Linux jobs killed by LSF due to timing restrictions.

  • Remote Linux hosts now support the Get Logs functionality.

  • Improved robustness of remote simulation of swept EM structures. Swept jobs are no longer incorrectly canceled in certain scenarios.

  • Remote Linux jobs no longer display as Paused in the Simulation Window when the network connection to the remote cluster is lost.

  • The Get Server Logs dialog box is no longer stuck "waiting for logs" when retrieving Job Scheduler logs from a remote Linux host, even though logs are successfully retrieved.


  • Improved the performance of deleting LPFs in projects that contain models with a large number of parameters.

  • Fixed issues with visibility and selection of grouped shapes after rotation or movement.

  • Schematic layout now updates correctly when moving extraction ports around an area pin.

  • Extraction ports can now be moved between multiple area pins that share the same pin number.

  • An extraction port added to the center of an area pin now attaches itself to a valid area pin edge instead of generating an error in the center of the area pin.

  • Extraction ports now connect correctly to area pins defined in lower levels of subcircuit hierarchy.

  • Fixed an issue where in certain cases, the wrong artwork cell is placed in schematic layout when dragged in from the Layout Manager Cell Library pane.


  • Viewing the 3D mesh of a hierarchical Cadence® AWR 3D FEM EM analysis structure no longer causes a crash.

  • Importing an .apz file using the Import 3D CAD File command when the file contains simulation or plot data now functions correctly.

  • Fixed a Cadence® AWR® Analyst™ 3D FEM EM analysis SAT export error that occurred with the Substitute True Arcs option enabled.

Schematic Editor

  • Drawing of Rich Text boxes after using the Print Preview command now functions correctly.


  • Running the "DC_Network_Setup" script repeatedly no longer overwrites previously fixed S-parameter files with contents of subsequent files.

Simulation - Analyst

  • Analyst software now correctly reports processor core count in the simulations logs.

  • Analyst software errors no longer occur when meshing arcs.

Simulation - APLAC

  • The Cadence® AWR® APLAC® HB simulator now issues a measurement error instead of crashing when there are no sources and harmonic results are not available for the nonlinear measurement.

Simulation - Systems

  • Fixed a crash that could occur during the start of a Cadence® AWR® Visual System Simulator™ (VSS) communications and radar systems design software simulation, when a block records a warning and then an error condition (such as unset port type) is detected.

Tuning, Yield Analysis, and Optimization

  • Added an option to stop the optimizer when the connection to the license server is stopped, allowing the project to be saved and the AWR Design Environment platform software to be shut down if desired.

Wizards - PCB Import

  • Fixed an IPC-2581 file import crash.

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