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Version 15.03 Updates

The Cadence® AWR Design Environment® platform version 15.03 software includes the following new features, enhancements, and user interface changes.


  • When the AWR Design Environment software starts without a Layout license feature, editing a schematic element or system block no longer causes a potential crash.

Job Scheduler

  • Job Scheduler logs older than 14 days are now automatically deleted. On remote hosts with the Job Scheduler service installed, the maximum amount of time to retain logs is set in MaxLogFileAge.

  • The Job Monitor performance is improved. The table now sorts job numbers from high to low, and is initially populated with only 50 jobs. Click Next 50 Jobs to display more jobs in descending order.


  • Improved the performance of deleting LPFs in projects that contain models with a large number of parameters.

Models - System

  • Using the AMP_F model with a data file whose primary data is frequency-based with behavioral parameters such as IP3 and P1dB, and with the IMPLTYP parameter set to "AM/AM-AM/PM" no longer potentially generates linear and incorrect results, particularly if the input power is high. This issue is also corrected with the PHARRAY_F model if the RF data files are both behavioral (for example: Gain or IP3) and harmonic/power based.

Wizards - Network Synthesis

  • Using the Cadence® AWR® Network Synthesis networks synthesis wizards with load pull data having both swept source and load impedances no longer causes a crash.

Wizards - PCB Import

  • Added more robust support for Gerber import of .drl files.

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