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Version 15.02 Updates

The Cadence® AWR Design Environment® platform version 15.02 software includes the following new features, enhancements, and user interface changes.


  • Added a GlobalDefinitionDocuments.Copy() method and OutputEquationDocuments.Copy() method to make duplicating documents in these collections more convenient.

  • Added API access for the schematic option Stackup for 3D view.

  • Added API support for enabling/disabling measurements with use data source groups.

  • Added a GlobalDefinitionDocuments.ImportFromProject() method which takes the path to an existing project, and opens that project and imports the GlobalDefinitionDocuments from that project into the current project.

  • Added the Export3DCadFile method for exporting an EM structure 3D CAD file.

  • Added the AddBoundary method to the Drawing objects collection for creating a 3D EM simulation boundary.

  • Fixed an API regression where the FilePath property for an imported data file returned an empty path instead of the original path of the file.

  • Added a generic properties set (name/value pairs) to the process library records in the project, and access to the properties through the new Properties method on the ProcessLibrary API object. Process library nodes in the Elements Browser can be shown/hidden based upon the presence of these properties.

Cell Libraries

  • Shapes copied from a layout editor and pasted into an artwork cell editor are now mapped correctly from drawing layers to model layers so that Boolean operations can be applied to the pasted shapes.

Data Files

  • Modified the Touchstone data file reader, so that it no longer enforces rules from the standard about the number of data pairs per line for data files that represent networks with three or more ports. This allows the AWR Design Environment platform software to read data files written by various tools that do not strictly follow the standard.

  • End-of-line comments are now allowed in Touchstone v2.0 data files in the [Reference] and [Mixed-Mode Order] sections and on all keyword lines.


  • Made multiple performance enhancements to toggling the enable and deleting of equations in Global Definitions documents in large projects.

  • Pasting Global Definitions documents into the AWR Design Environment platform version 15.0x software from earlier versions now functions correctly.

  • The SWPVAR block now supports variable names longer than 32 characters.

Geometry Simplification (SPP) Rules

  • Via shape thickness is now correctly calculated when applying SPP rules to via shapes in Cadence® AWR® Analyst™ 3D FEM EM analysis software structures.


  • Initial sweep values for markers on circular measurements located on rectangular real/imaginary graphs now display correctly.

  • Markers now stay at the points where they are placed when used with spectrum data plotted on non-rectangular graphs.

  • Offset markers on graphs now return to the correct location when you drag the referenced marker to a new location and it snaps back.

  • Fixed a problem with vertical line marker values incorrectly being displayed as zero in the graph marker legend.

  • The Undo and Redo commands now correctly restore optimization/yield goal values after the goal is moved or stretched on a graph.

  • Fixed a floating point overflow error/crash that occasionally occurred when left-clicking on a graph trace.


  • When illegal characters in a DXF cell name are automatically replaced, any cells containing an instance of that cell are now updated with the corrected name.

Job Scheduler

  • A Get Logs button in the Job Scheduler Admin tool now allows you to easily collect remote simulation log files.

  • Added a Fetch Datasets button to the Job Monitor to retrieve non-swept data sets for the selected job(s) from the remote simulation queue. Data sets for swept EM structures are not properly retrieved and are for future implementation. This button is used when data sets from remote jobs do not successfully transfer back to the user machine. You may need to reopen the project utilizing the retrieved data sets in order to load the new data sets.

  • The Simulation Window now displays information on why a job is deferred and in the Scheduled state. Reasons include lack of licenses, or limitations due to project level or queue level Job Scheduler settings.

  • Remote computing file copy operations no longer time-out prematurely during intermittent network glitches.

  • Fixed an intermittent remote computing issue where jobs remained stuck in a running state.


  • Pressing the Esc key mid-operation to terminate a pCell stretching operation no longer freezes the operation in a locked angle or unlocked angle mode.

  • Running the Connect Net Shapes command no longer causes routes with negative layers to become disassociated.

  • Fixed issues with the schematic layout 3D view when a subcircuit uses a different LPF than the parent LPF.

  • Fixed a schematic layout rendering issue when the schematic contains an EM subcircuit with de-embedded EM ports.

Layout - EM

  • Fixed a regression where the Drill Hole tab was missing from Shape Properties dialog box for drill holes drawn in the EM Layout Editor.

  • Fixed a regression where changing the Pin ID for an EM port caused all ports to be assigned the same Pin ID.

  • Fixed an arbitrary 3D EM structure issue where changes to a variable value in the 3D Editor did not propagate back to the AWR Design Environment correctly.

  • The Options or Project Options dialog box Interpolation/Passivity tab Consider Passive for Noise Simulation option is now enabled by default for new EM structures.

Measurements - Circuit

  • Using the Simulate for Measurement command on a measurement that uses a Switch List no longer triggers an unnecessary simulation of EM structures replaced with a Switch View.

  • The Add/Modify Measurement dialog no longer loses the settings of sweep properties when you change the data set selection.

  • The dB modifier is now accounted for when deciding whether to display "Unstable" or "Stable" in the data cursor tooltips for Stability measurements (K, B1, MU1, MU2).

Measurements - Systems

  • The application of the optional measurement thermal noise floor in RF Budget Analysis noise measurements now occurs just before the measurements are reported. Previously the noise floor was applied earlier in the flow, which allowed it to be affected by mismatch. It now corresponds more to noise that might be expected in the measurement device.

Models - System

  • Fixed issues with using arbitrary N_RB values in 5GNR DL TSIG blocks.

  • Added an option to overwrite carrier frequency settings in NR TSIG blocks so you can generate signals at IF and then upconvert without running into issues with SCS/SSB_SCS settings.

  • Fixed an occasional crash due to a simulation starting a second time on a system diagram that contains a LIN_S block, after moving a block on the system diagram.

  • In FMULT_B or FMULT_B2 models, the HREJTYP parameter is no longer treated as "Relative to output" if the SPURS parameter is N > 5 or if more than 5 values are specified for the parameter.

  • In FMULT_B or FMULT_B2 models, a floating point overflow error no longer occurs if the SPURS parameter is N > 5 or the number of values specified for SPURS is > 5 and the S22 parameter is specified.

  • When operating near saturation, VGA_F no longer gives incorrect results when the data file contains frequency-dependent data.

  • Fixed a problem with NR_DL_FRMASM where PDSCH data during PDCCH symbols were missing in TM1.1, 3.1, and 3.1a.

  • Fixed scaling of the input sample rate of OFDM_MOD and the output rate of OFDM_DMOD when SCMAP is defined.

  • Fixed scaling of the output power of OFDM_MOD when SCMAP is defined.

  • Fixed a crash that occurred if the input port of an RFBPATH block was not connected to an output port.

Schematic Editor

  • The Edit Subcircuit command now displays an Edit Subcircuit dialog box that allows you to choose between available Switch Views if referenced in a document.


  • The Scripts > VSS > Create_XML_Library script is replaced with the Scripts > Project > Create_XML_Library script which can generate XML libraries from both schematic and system diagrams.

  • The Scripts > Project > Clean Project Choose Top Level Docs script now works with top level EM documents.

  • Added an "Assume locked data sources are lowest level of hierarchy" option to the Scripts > Project > Clean Project script which allows locked documents to be deleted.

Simulation - Analyst

  • Swept Analyst software EM structures now reuse previously simulated data points when new points are added to the SWPVAR control.

  • Fixed the color scale for Analyst software 3D annotations when the dB modifier is selected in the Add/Modify Measurement dialog box.

Simulation - APLAC

  • Fixed a Cadence® AWR® APLAC® HB simulator issue with the automatic detection of subcircuits to cache, which could cause subcircuits to be excluded from caching without the SUBCKT_CACHE element.

  • Improved APLAC simulator subcircuit cache calculation time when noise measurements are enabled.

  • Fixed a PINDRC diode APLAC simulation error that occurred when performing yield analysis and optimization.

Simulation - AWR AXIEM

  • Cadence® AWR® AXIEM® 3D planar EM analysis now reuses previously simulated frequency points with remote simulations when adding additional frequency points that do not trigger a new mesh.

  • Swept AWR AXIEM EM structures now reuse previously simulated data points when new points are added to the SWPVAR control.

  • AWR AXIEM simulations now consistently include the effect of conductor roughness.

  • Fixed a crash that occurred when the AWR AXIEM simulator ran out of memory.

Simulation - Linear

  • Fixed a "Factorization of matrix failed due to non-finite entries in matrix" error due to an issue with Windows 10 2004.

Simulation - System

  • Fixed an issue that occurred in certain scenarios where a Cadence® AWR® Visual System Simulator™ (VSS) communications and radar systems design software mixer is used with RF switches in such a way that the mixer output could eventually find its way back to the mixer input, and the output signal generated in RF Inspector simulations was incorrect.

System Diagram Editor

  • Pasting a system diagram with a bus into the AWR Design Environment software version 15.0x from an older version now functions correctly.

User Interface

  • Fixed a problem in the file browser displayed when creating a new schematic with the Create as a linked file check box enabled. In some situations the Save as type field was empty and the .sch file extension was missing in the file browser.

Wizards - Network Synthesis

  • The Cadence® AWR® Network Synthesis networks synthesis wizard no longer crashes if more than 32 threads (16 cores with hyperthreading) are available.

Wizards - OpenAccess Import/Export

  • The OpenAccess Import/Export Wizard has a number of improvements, including new options for specifying which schematic symbols to export.

Wizards - PCB Import

  • Extraneous lines no longer appear in imported Gerber files.

  • Fixed a crash that could occur when importing a Gerber file directory that contained a netlist.

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