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Version 15.01 Updates

The Cadence® AWR Design Environment® platform version 15.01 software includes the following new features, enhancements, and user interface changes.


  • Added API Embed, LinkToFile, Reload, and Save methods for linked documents.

  • Added API DrawingObject attribute "ZOffset3D", for accessing a subcircuit Z Offset parameter.

  • Changing an offset setting of an offset marker on a rectangular real/imag graph through the API now correctly updates the marker's location.

  • Fixed an issue in which EM simulation data was not marked as dirty when port excitation was changed by the API, resulting in re-use of incorrect data.

Cell Libraries

  • Importing a DXF file with layer names exceeding 32 characters no longer causes a crash.


  • Marker function results now update after auto-search marker movements.

  • Fixed a problem with using equation function marker to reference offset markers.


  • Precision used in the x-axis labels on rectangular graphs is now correctly computed.

  • Fixed a problem with dragging graph markers on a measurement plotted with the swept value not on the x-axis.

  • Template measurements now plot correctly on 3D Plots.

  • Changes to font settings for the axis labels and the title for 3D Plots now work correctly.

  • Special characters in document names no longer cause graphs to go blank and simulations to hang.

  • Values now correctly display in the label for data markers on a circle measurement when "Use for x-axis" is not specified for one of the measurement sweep properties.

  • The location of parameter markers now correctly updates on a circle measurement that doesn't have a sweep property with a "Use for x-axis" setting.


  • Fixed a regression that prevented file browse dialogs from remembering the most recently selected file type.

  • GDSII Import/Export now supports up to 32767 layers and data types.

  • Importing a DXF file containing an invalid path object no longer causes a crash.

Job Scheduler

  • Improved migration of Job Scheduler setup files from v14 to v15 upgrades.

  • You now need to either Verify the remote host or set the transport option when adding a new remote Host entry in the Job Scheduler Admin dialog box. This change fixes the issue of hidden remote job options because the remote Host did not have the transport option set.

  • Fixed a remote Host connection issue when multiple clients were connecting to the remote host.


  • Layout fill patterns consisting of diagonal parallel lines now have the correct upward/downward slope when Graphics Acceleration is enabled for 2D layout in the Environment Options dialog box.

  • The cursor now snaps to the nearest vertex when holding Ctrl while using the Stretch Area command.

  • The Via Fill command no longer fills holes inside complex polygons.

  • Group rotation of multi-selected shapes in layout is restored.

  • Adding an explicit ground to a subcircuit element no longer makes the associated cell appear non-selectable.

  • Fixed a Shape Properties dialog box issue in which values displayed using default LPF units instead of the document LPF units.

Layout - EM

  • Flipped EM subcircuits are now oriented correctly in the Preview Geometry View of hierarchical Cadence® AWR® Analyst™ 3D FEM EM analysis software EM structures.

Load Pull

  • Complex measurement modifiers real, imag, mag, and ang now work correctly with the G_LPGPM load pull measurement.

Measurements - Circuit

  • The K_Port (propagation constant) measurement no longer has the real and imaginary components swapped.

  • Fixed an Analyst issue with the K_Port (port propagation) measurement, where the value was incorrect at one mid-sweep frequency.

  • When the ID of an X_SWP element is edited, any measurements that reference that element are now updated.

Measurements - Systems

  • The radiation pattern data file generated by the output file measurement AntPat_EF uses normalized E field values, but the Cadence® AWR® Visual System Simulator™ (VSS) communications and radar systems design software antenna blocks expected absolute E-field values. AntPat_EF is updated to indicate the data file has normalized E-field values, and the AWR VSS software antenna blocks now recognize those data files as having normalized E-field values. Also, some issues with the theta/phi angles in AWR VSSsoftware antenna blocks when set to 180-degrees no longer occur when those angles are auto-set to -180 degrees.

Models - System

  • C_GA with AMP_F and frequency-dependencies now consistently use the current swept frequency for determining the operating point for computing available gain.

  • The interpolations used by AMP_B/AMP_B2 are updated to match that of AMP_F when behavioral coefficients are specified in the data file. Previously the interpolation for the polynomial coefficients were performed in the polynomial coefficient space. AMP_F's interpolation however is based on the behavioral coefficients. This results in much smoother interpolation of IM2 and IM3.

  • The BFILE_SRC block now re-propagates propagated properties captured by BFILE_SNK, allowing its use with blocks such as RCVR.

  • When using the RF_PID block with integration in RF Budget Analysis or RF Inspector simulations, the control output would sometimes latch onto an incorrect value. This occurred because during the first one or two passes through the control iterations the measured input was the propagated signal power property, which at that point could be fairly inaccurate. The inaccurate value was then being used as part of the integration for the next pass, and depending upon the circumstances, triggering the convergence threshold, resulting in the control loop ending early. The RF_PID block no longer includes measured input values when they are from propagated signal power in the integration.

Output Files

  • In some situations The MATLAB output file measurement no longer occasionally issues an error about being unable to create a linear simulator instead of writing out data.

Scripting Editor

  • An attempt to save a project with missing PDK models from the Scripting Editor now generates a warning rather than overwriting silently.

  • An attempt to save a read-only project from the scripting window now generates a warning, rather than failing silently.


  • Added a Scripts > Configuration > Match Cadence Colors/Hotkeys script which sets colors and hotkeys to match those of Virtuoso or Allegro .

Simulation - Analyst

  • Fixed a Cadence® AWR® Analyst™-MP multi-physics simulator crash that occurred when using the Export and Open in Analyst MP command in the AWR Design Environment platform from a project location containing characters such as Japanese characters in its path.

Simulation - APLAC

  • Fixed an issue with duplicate IDs in the Cadence® AWR® APLAC® HB simulator netlist with EMSight extraction when Hierarchy = On.

Simulation - AWR AXIEM

  • Added many AWR® AXIEM® 3D planar EM analysis software improvements to the mesh HARF healing, including healing of HARFs that are connected to port edges. Also added warnings/errors when the HARF healing is set too aggressively, and removes too many connected facets. The error handling is also updated to write error information into the data sets that Support uses to help determine errors in the mesh healing.

  • The AWR AXIEM analysis log no longer fails to report previously simulated frequency points when modifying the frequency list and enabling the AFS option.

  • AWR AXIEM analysis now detects internal non-conductor volumes that are fully enclosed within a metal volume, and now suppresses the mesh on these interior surfaces.

Simulation - RF Budget

  • When working with RF Budget Analysis measurements that measure noise power over a bandwidth such as C_SNR, if the noise was above the noise floor it was sometimes reported less than it actually was due to additional frequency points with noise set to the noise floor being added. This is fixed.

Simulation - Systems

  • AWR VSS Time Domain data sets generated in pre-release builds prior to v15.0 build 9968 no longer cause a crash when attempting to load them. This is fixed in builds 9996 and later. However, any data sets generated with a v15.0 build between 9968 and 9995 must be regenerated.

  • When the PHARRAY_ANT parameter DIAGDSP (Diagnostics to display) is set to "Full", the diagnostic output now includes steering phase information.

  • In the AWR VSS mixers, if LOHMAX was set below LOMULT, incorrect output was generated, as no LO harmonics at LOMULT would be generated. LOHMAX is now automatically increased to LOMULT if it is less than LOMULT.

  • If an AMP_B/AMP_B2 block was set to use FIR filter implementations and the block was modeling frequency-dependent impedance mismatch, when measuring EVM the EVM was extremely poor due to extra delay being added to the signal. This is fixed.

  • If an AWR VSS amplifier block is in a swept RF Budget Analysis or RF Inspector simulation, and if at a particular sweep the order of the polynomial representation is less than the previous sweep's polynomial representation, the polynomial coefficients above the new order are now cleared and no longer incorporated in the new sweep. This might also apply to frequency-dependent amplifiers.

Symbol Editor

  • The Save command now works for linked circuit symbol files.

Tuning, Yield Analysis and Optimization

  • The Lineup Optimizer now displays an error message if it cannot write the output file.

  • Fixed an issue that caused the Kapu optimizer to hang when optimizing schematics containing MDIF files.

  • Fixed a regression with APLAC simulator tuning/optimization/yield simulations of MDIF data files.

  • Fixed a crash that sometimes occurred when setting the DCPOUT parameter of AMP_F to "Yes".

  • Fixed an issue that caused the optimizer to hang with APLAC solvers.

User Interface

  • Fixed a problem that could result in a crash on startup if a toolbar was customized with a button having an icon based upon certain circuit symbols.

  • Fixed a regression in which the Text Edit Process Definition command opened the LPF text editor in a read-only mode.

  • The Open Project Item command now functions with circuit symbols.

  • The Add Existing Item context-menu command for User folders now functions with circuit symbols.

  • Fixed the non-responsive Add New > Circuit Symbol command available in the context menu accessed via the Project in the Project pane.

  • Updated the Add Link To File context command for projects in the Project Browser to work with Global Definitions files.

  • The percent character "%" is now supported in rich text boxes.

  • Improved the performance of deleting items in a project with a large number of schematics in hierarchy.

Wizards - Network Synthesis

  • Modified the Cadence® AWR® Network Synthesis networks synthesis wizard so that it disregards vendor library components that are selected for use at a frequency where the extracted component value is negative.

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