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Analyst 3D Editor Features

The Cadence® AWR® Analyst™ 3D FEM Editor version 15 software includes the following new features, enhancements, and user interface changes. Open Help from within the Analyst software for documentation specific to the 3D Editor.



Searching is now supported in the Navigator and Browser.

You can also control the types of items that are searched.


Ribbon Changes

The Structure ribbon includes the following changes:

  • The active coordinate system is now specified via radio buttons in the Structure Browser instead of on the ribbon menu.

  • The buttons to create coordinate systems and set the working plane orientation and offset have shifted right.

  • The Working Plane Visibility button is moved from the ribbon to the Structure view toolbar.

Solid Organization Browser Buttons

There are two new buttons on the Browser toolbar to provide quick access to controlling solid organization. These options remain in the Browser Geometry node context menu as well.

Custom Cameras

You can now create Custom camera presets for use within and across projects.

Solid References

A solid reference produces another instance of a solid, maintaining the referenced solid's geometric definition. As a result, changing any of the creation parameters of the referenced solid impacts all references. Each reference contains several independent parameters, however, including

  • Coordinate System

  • Material

  • Include in Simulation

  • Visible

  • Mesh Control Only

These parameters allow you to uniquely position each reference (either via a coordinate system or by applying a transformation), assign a different material for each reference, and other operations.

Attribute Application

When applying an attribute to entities, some of which already contain attributes, the resulting dialog box now offers an additional option to apply the new attribute to only entities without other attributes. This can greatly simplify the application of attributes in complex situations.

Minor Improvements


Actions performed on large numbers of solids (such as changing materials, excluding, and including) are now much faster.

Pick Corresponding

The Structure view context menu contains commands to pick items that correspond to what is already picked.

  • Pick > Corresponding Solids - Picks solids associated with currently picked edges, faces, and bodies.

  • Pick > Corresponding Bodies - Picks bodies associated with currently picked edges, faces, and solids.

  • Pick > Corresponding Faces - Picks faces associated with currently picked edges, bodies, and solids.

  • Pick > Corresponding Edges - Picks edges associated with currently picked faces, bodies, and solids.

Solid Query

Solid queries now report the number of bodies in the solid(s).

Interactive Polyline/Spline Point Addition

Points can be added to wire and sketch polylines or splines and interactively placed with the mouse.


Min/Max Function Changes

The min and max functions now take an arbitrary number of arguments (in previous versions the limit was 2 arguments). This allows for expressions such as min(a, b, 4.2).


If you cancel a running script that has changed the model, you are prompted to undo or keep those changes.

Failure Behavior

If a script fails and has changed the model, you are prompted to undo or keep those changes.

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