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AWR Visual System Simulator System Block Catalog

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Table of Contents

About This Book
Additional Documentation
Typographical Conventions
Getting On-Line Help
Analog Devices
Analog Devices Analog to Digital Converter: ADI_ADC
5G Channel Model (N-Input, M-Output): 5G_CHANNEL
Additive White Gaussian Noise Channel: AWGN
Birth-Death Channel: BIRTH_DEATH
Flat Rayleigh Fading Channel: FLATRAYLEIGH
Moving Paths Channel: MOVING_PATHS
Multipath Fading Channel (1-Input, N-Output): MULTIPATH_FADING
Multipath Channel: MULTPATH
Phase Noise Channel: PHSNOISE_CH
Rummler LOS Channel: RUMMLER
Spatial Channel Model (N-Input, M-Output): SPATIALCHANNELMODEL
WINNER II Channel Model (N-Input, M-Output): WINNER_II
(Obsolete) Doppler: DPLRSHFT
(Obsolete) Rayleigh Multipath Channel: RAYLEIGH
Barker Code Generator: BARKER
BCH Decoder: BCH_DEC
BCH Decoder for DVB-S2: BCH_DVB_DEC
BCH Encoder for DVB-S2: BCH_DVB_ENC
BCH Encoder: BCH_ENC
Block De-Interleaver: BLK_DLVR
Block Interleaver: BLK_ILVR
Convolutional Deinterleaver CNV_DLVR
Convolutional Interleaver: CNV_ILVR
Convolutional Encoder: CONV_ENC
CRC Decoder: CRC_DEC
CRC Encoder: CRC_ENC
Code De-puncturer: DEPUNC
Differential Decoder: DIFF_DEC
Differential Encoder: DIFF_ENC
Direct Sequence Spreading Code Generator: DSSC
LDPC Decoder for NR: LDPC_NR_DEC
LDPC Encoder for NR: LDPC_NR_ENC
Linear Feedback Shift Register Source: LFSR_SRC
Code Puncturer: PUNC
Repetition Encoder: REP_ENC
Reed-Solomon Decoder: RS_DEC
Reed-Solomon Encoder: RS_ENC
SISO Processor for Recursive Convolutional Codes: SISO_RCONV
Block Deinterleaver with User-Defined Interleaving Pattern: TBL_DLVR
Block Interleaver with User-Defined Interleaving Pattern: TBL_ILVR
Decoder for Parallel Concatenated Standard Turbo Codes: TURBO_DEC_STD
Parallel Concatenated Turbo Encoder (Standard): TURBO_ENC_STD
Viterbi Decoder: VIT_DEC
Zadoff-Chu Sequence Generator: ZADOFF_CHU
(Obsolete) Convolutional Encoder: CNV_ENC
Communication Standards
EDGE Pulse Shaping Filter: EDGE_PSHP
EDGE Transmitter: EDGE_TX
GSM Access Burst (AB): GSM_AB
GSM Dummy Burst (DB): GSM_DB
GSM Frequency Correction Burst (FB): GSM_FB
GSM Normal Burst (NB): GSM_NB
GSM-EDGE Pseudo-Random Binary Sequence: GSM_PRBS
GSM Synchronization Burst (SB): GSM_SB
GSM Transmitter: GSM_TX
GSM-EDGE Vector Signal Analyzer: GSM_VSA
HSDPA Scrambling Code Generator: HSDPA_SCRM
802.11a Convolutional Encoder: I80211A_CONV
802.11a Data Field Bit Generator: I80211A_DATA
802.11a Frame Subcarrier Assembler: I80211A_FASM
802.11a Data Interleaver: I80211A_ILVR
802.11a Subcarrier Modulation Mapper: I80211A_MAP
802.11a OFDM Modulator: I80211A_MOD
802.11a Pilot Sequence: I80211A_PILOT
802.11a Data Scrambler: I80211A_SCRM
802.11a Training Subcarriers: I80211A_TRNG
802.11a Test Signal Generator: I80211A_TSIG
802.11a Transmitter: I80211A_TX
802.11a Vector Signal Analyzer: I80211A_VSA
IS2000 DeInterleaver: IS2000_DLVR
IS2000 Interleaver: IS2000_ILVR
LTE Code Block Combiner: LTE_CDBLKCMB
LTE Code Block Segmentation: LTE_CDBLKSGMT
LTE Configuration: LTE_CONFIG
LTE Frame Assembler: LTE_FRMASM
LTE Frame Disassembler: LTE_FRMDSM
LTE Rate De-matching: LTE_RTDMATCH
LTE Rate De-matching 2: LTE_RTDMATCH2
LTE Rate Matching: LTE_RTMATCH
LTE Rate Matching 2: LTE_RTMATCH2
NR Code Block Combiner: NR_CDBLKCMB
NR Code Block Segmentation: NR_CDBLKSGMT
NR Configuration: NR_CONFIG
NR Downlink Frame Assembler: NR_DL_FRMASM
NR Downlink Frame Deassembler: NR_DL_FRMDASM
NR Mapper: NR_MAP
NR Uplink Frame Assembler: NR_UL_FRMASM
NR Uplink Frame Deassembler: NR_UL_FRMDASM
OVSF Code Generator: OVSF_CODE
Birth-Death Channel (WCDMA Standards): WCDMA_BDCHAN
Moving Paths Channel (WCDMA Standards): WCDMA_MVCHAN
WCDMA Scrambling Code Generator: WCDMA_SCRM
WiMAX Mobile Frame Assembler: WiMAX_MBL_FASM
WiMAX Mobile Frame Dis-Assembler: WiMAX_MBL_FDSM
Analog to Digital Converter: ADC
Analog to Digital Converter with Digital and Quantized Outputs: ADC2
Binary to Square Wave Converter: B2SQWV
Binary to Digital Symbol Converter: B2SYM
Soft Metrics Conversion from Bits to Symbols: B2SYM_SFT
Complex to Magnitude/Phase: C2MP
Complex to Real/Imaginary: C2RI
Complex Envelope to Real Converter: CE2R
Complex Magnitude: CMAG
Complex Phase: CPHASE
Digital to Real Converter: D2R
Digital to Analog Converter: DAC
dB to Magnitude: DB2M
Degrees to Radians: DEG2RAD
Magnitude/Phase to Complex: MP2C
Magnitude to dB: M2DB
Parallel-to-Serial Converter (N-Input, 1-Output): P2S
Real to Complex Converter: R2C
Real to Complex Envelope Converter: R2CE
Real to Digital Converter: R2D
Radians to Degrees: RAD2DEG
Real/Imaginary to Complex: RI2C
Serial-to-Parallel Converter (1-Input, N-Output): S2P
Digital Symbol to Binary Converter: SYM2B
Soft Metrics Conversion from Symbols to Bits: SYM2B_SFT
(Obsolete) Parallel-to-Serial Converters (16-Input, 1-Output): P2S_16
(Obsolete) Parallel-to-Serial Converter (2-Input, 1-Output): P2S_2
(Obsolete) Parallel-to-Serial Converter (4-Input, 1-Output): P2S_4
(Obsolete) Parallel-to-Serial Converter (8-Input, 1-Output): P2S_8
(Obsolete) Serial-to-Parallel Converters (1-Input, 16-Output): S2P_16
(Obsolete) Serial-to-Parallel Converter (1-Input, 2-Output): S2P_2
(Obsolete) Serial-to-Parallel Converter (1-Input, 4-Output): S2P_4
(Obsolete) Serial-to-Parallel Converter (1-Input, 8-Output): S2P_8
External Applications
Run LabVIEW VI (Pre-Configured): LABVIEW_EXEC
TDMS File Independent Variable Source: TDMS_IVARSRC
TDMS File Source: TDMS_SRC
(Obsolete) Run MATLAB Commands (4 Inputs and Outputs): MATLAB4
(Obsolete) Run MATLAB Commands: MATLAB_SRC
(Obsolete) Run MATLAB Commands (4 Outputs): MATLAB_SRC4
Bandpass Butterworth Filter: BPFB
Bandpass Chebyshev (Type I) Filter: BPFC
Bandpass Bessel Filter: BPFD
Bandpass Elliptic Filter: BPFE
FIR Bandpass Filter (Equal Ripple): BPFIR_ER
Bandstop Butterworth Filter: BSFB
Bandstop Chebyshev (Type I) Filter: BSFC
Bandstop Bessel Filter: BSFD
Bandstop Elliptic Filter: BSFE
FIR Bandstop Filter (Equal Ripple): BSFIR_ER
FIR Filter (Frequency Response Specified): FIR_FRQ
Gaussian FIR Filter: FIR_GAUSS
FIR Filter (Impulse Response Specified): FIR_IMP
Highpass Butterworth Filter: HPFB
Highpass Chebyshev (Type I) Filter: HPFC
Highpass Bessel Filter: HPFD
Highpass Elliptic Filter: HPFE
FIR Highpass Filter (Equal Ripple): HPFIR_ER
IIR Filter (Polynomial Coefficients Specified): IIRFLT_AB
IIR Filter (Poles and Zeroes Specified): IIRFLT_PZ
Lowpass Butterworth Filter: LPFB
Lowpass Chebyshev (Type I) Filter: LPFC
Lowpass Bessel Filter: LPFD
Lowpass Elliptic Filter: LPFE
FIR Lowpass Filter (Equal Ripple): LPFIR_ER
Pulse Shaping Filter: PLSSHP
(Obsolete) FIR Bandpass Filter Kaiser Windowing (N Specified): BPFIR_KN
(Obsolete) FIR Bandpass Filter Kaiser Windowing (Transition Band Specified): BPFIR_KT
(Obsolete) IIR Bandpass Butterworth Filter (Edges Specified): BPIIR_BE
(Obsolete) IIR Bandpass Butterworth Filter (Order Specified): BPIIR_BN
(Obsolete) IIR Bandpass Chebyshev I Filter (Order Specified): BPIIR_CN
(Obsolete) FIR Bandstop Filter Kaiser Windowing (N Specified): BSFIR_KN
(Obsolete) FIR Bandstop Filter Kaiser Windowing (Transition Band Specified): BSFIR_KT
(Obsolete) IIR Bandstop Butterworth Filter (Edges Specified): BSIIR_BE
(Obsolete) IIR Bandstop Butterworth Filter (Order Specified): BSIIR_BN
(Obsolete) IIR Bandstop Chebyshev I Filter (Order Specified): BSIIR_CN
(Obsolete) FIR Highpass Filter Kaiser Windowing (N Specified): HPFIR_KN
(Obsolete) FIR Highpass Filter Kaiser Windowing (Transition Band Specified): HPFIR_KT
(Obsolete) FIR Highpass Filter (Maximally Flat): HPFIR_MF
(Obsolete) IIR Highpass Butterworth Filter (Edges Specified): HPIIR_BE
(Obsolete) IIR Highpass Butterworth Filter (Order Specified): HPIIR_BN
(Obsolete) IIR Highpass Chebyshev I Filter (Order Specified): HPIIR_CN
(Obsolete) FIR Lowpass Filter Kaiser Windowing (N Specified): LPFIR_KN
(Obsolete) FIR Lowpass Filter Kaiser Windowing (Transition Band Specified): LPFIR_KT
(Obsolete) FIR Lowpass Filter (Maximally Flat): LPFIR_MF
(Obsolete) IIR Lowpass Butterworth Filter (Edges Specified): LPIIR_BE
(Obsolete) IIR Lowpass Butterworth Filter (Order Specified): LPIIR_BN
(Obsolete) IIR Lowpass Chebyshev I Filter (Order Specified): LPIIR_CN
Fixed Point
Fixed-Point Absolute Value: ABS_FP
Fixed-Point Adder with Carry (N-Inputs, 1-Output): ADDC_FP
Fixed-Point Adder (N-Inputs, 1-Output): ADD_FP
Fixed-Point Difference: DIFF_FP
Fixed-Point Divide: DIV_FP
Fixed-Point Decimator: DECIM_FP
Fixed-Point Delay by N Samples: DELAY_FP
Fixed-Point Real to Real: FPR2R
Fixed-Point Hold: HOLD_FP
Fixed-Point Minimum/Maximum (N-Input, 2-Output): MINMAX_FP
Fixed-Point Modulus and Remainder: MOD_FP
Fixed-Point Multiplier (N-Inputs, 1-Output): MULT_FP
Fixed-Point Remove Signal Delay Samples: REMOVE_DLY_FP
Fixed-Point Reciprocal (1/x): RECIP_FP
Re-format Fixed-Point Signal: REFMT
Real to Fixed-Point Real: R2FPR
Fixed-Point Scale and Offset: SCALE_FP
Fixed Point Signum: SIGN_FP
Fixed-Point Square Root: SQRT_FP
Fixed-Point Square: SQR_FP
Named Connector: NCONN
Interconnect: INTRCONN
Math Tools
Absolute Value: ABS
Arc Cosine: ACOS
Inverse Hyperbolic Cosine: ACOSH
Adder (N-Inputs, 1-Output): ADD
AND (N-Input, 1-Output): AND
Calculates Phase Angle: ARG
Arc Sine: ASIN
Inverse Hyperbolic Sine: ASINH
Arc Tangent: ATAN
Inverse Hyperbolic Tangent: ATANH
Complex Conjugate: CONJ
Cosine: COS
Hyperbolic Cosine: COSH
De-Multiplexer (1-Input, N-Output): DEMUX
Derivative of the Input: DERIV
Difference: DIFF
Divide: DIV
Exponential: EXP
Complex Exponential: EXPJ
Integrates Input Using Trapezoidal or Summation Method: INTGRL
Natural Logarithm: LN
Logarithm: LOG
Matrix Inverse: MATINV
Matrix Multiplication: MATMULT
Modulus and Remainder: MOD
Multiplier (N-Input, 1-Output): MULT
Multiplexer (N-Input, 1-Output): MUX
Negates Real or Complex Data: NEG
NOP (No Operation): NOP
Complex Magnitude Squared: NORM
OR (N-Input, 1-Output): OR
Raise to the Power: POW
Reciprocal: RECIP
Row Shuffler: ROWSHUF
Round to Specified Number of Decimal Places: ROUND
Scale and Offset: SCALE
Signum: SIGN
Sine: SIN
Hyperbolic Sine: SINH
Square: SQR
Square Root: SQRT
Tangent: TAN
Hyperbolic Tangent: TANH
XOR (N-Input, 1-Output): XOR
(Obsolete) Adder (2-Input, 1-Output): ADD2
(Obsolete) Adder (4-Input, 1-Output): ADD4
(Obsolete) Adder (8-Input, 1-Output): ADD8
(Obsolete) Adder (16-Input, 1-Output): ADD16
(Obsolete) 2-Input AND: AND2
(Obsolete) 4-Input AND: AND4
(Obsolete) 8-Input AND: AND8
(Obsolete) 16-Input AND: AND16
(Obsolete) De-Multiplexer (1-Input, 2-Output): DEMUX2
(Obsolete) De-Multiplexer (1-Input, 4-Output): DEMUX4
(Obsolete) De-Multiplexer (1-Input, 8-Output): DEMUX8
(Obsolete) De-Multiplexer (1-Input, 16-Output): DEMUX16
(Obsolete) Multiplier (2-Input, 1-Output): MULT2
(Obsolete) Multiplier (4-Input, 1-Output): MULT4
(Obsolete) Multiplier (8-Input, 1-Output): MULT8
(Obsolete) Multiplier (16-Input, 1-Output): MULT16
(Obsolete) Multiplexer (16-Input, 1-Output): MUX16
(Obsolete) Multiplexer (2-Input, 1-Output): MUX2
(Obsolete) Multiplexer (4-Input, 1-Output): MUX4
(Obsolete) Multiplexer (8-Input, 1-Output): MUX8
(Obsolete) 16-Input OR: OR16
(Obsolete) 2-Input OR: OR2
(Obsolete) 4-Input OR: OR4
(Obsolete) 8-Input OR: OR8
(Obsolete) 16-Input XOR: XOR16
(Obsolete) 2-Input XOR: XOR2
(Obsolete) 4-Input XOR: XOR4
(Obsolete) 8-Input XOR: XOR8
BER (Bit Error Rate) Meter, Internal Reference Source: BER
BER (Bit Error Rate) Meter, External Reference Source: BER_EXT
BER from Data File: BER_FL
FER (Frame Error Rate) Meter, External Reference Source: FER_EXT
Measurement Probe (RF Inspector/RF Budget Analysis Only): M_PROBE
SER (Symbol Error Rate) Meter, Internal Reference Source: SER
SER Meter, External Reference Source: SER_EXT
Test Point: TP
Vector Network Analyzer: VNA
Vector Signal Analyzer (Complex Envelope): VSA
(Obsolete) Generic Simulation Sweeper: SWEEP
(Obsolete) Vector Network Analyzer (Large Signal, Power Sweep): VNA_LS
(Obsolete) Vector Network Analyzer (Small Signal): VNA_SS
Huge Binary File Capture: BFILE_SNK
Huge Binary File Source: BFILE_SRC
Bus to Multiplexed Signal: BUS2MUX
Bus to Serial Converter: BUS2SER
File Capture: FILE_SNK
File Capture (4 inputs): FILE_SNK4
Multiplexed Signal to Bus: MUX2BUS
Propagated Property Modifier: PPROPMOD
Serial to Bus Converter: SER2BUS
Single Signal to Bus: SIG2BUS
Conventional Analog Amplitude Demodulator: AM_DMOD
AM Demodulator Envelope Detector: AM_DMOD_ED
Conventional Analog Amplitude Modulator: AM_MOD
QAM Detector: APSK_DET
APSK Receiver: APSK_RX
APSK Soft Metrics Calculator: APSK_SFTM
APSK Modulated Signal: APSK_SRC
APSK Transmitter: APSK_TX
BPSK Receiver: BPSK_RX
BPSK Modulated Signal: BPSK_SRC
BPSK Transmitter: BPSK_TX
Continuous Phase Modulator: CPHS_MOD
Envelope Detector Receiver for Digital AM: DIG_AM_RX
Digital AM Transmitter: DIG_AM_TX
Discriminator Receiver: DSCRM_RX
FBMC Demodulation Block: FBMC_DMOD
FBMC Modulation Block: FBMC_MOD
FM Discriminator: FM_DSCRM
Frequency Modulator: FM_MOD
FSK Detector: FSK_DET
FSK Modulated Signal: FSK_SRC
FSK Transmitter: FSK_TX
GFDM Demodulation Block: GFDM_DMOD
GFDM Modulation Block: GFDM_MOD
GMSK Receiver: GMSK_RX
GMSK Modulated Signal: GMSK_SRC
GMSK Transmitter: GMSK_TX
I/Q Correlating Demodulator: IQ_DMOD
I/Q Modulator: IQ_MOD
MPSK Receiver: MPSK_RX
MPSK Modulated Signal: MPSK_SRC
MPSK Transmitter: MPSK_TX
MSK Receiver: MSK_RX
MSK Modulated Signal: MSK_SRC
MSK Transmitter: MSK_TX
OFDM Demodulator: OFDM_DMOD
OFDM Modulator: OFDM_MOD
Offset QPSK Receiver: OQPSK_RX
Offset QPSK Modulated Signal: OQPSK_SRC
Offset QPSK Transmitter: OQPSK_TX
PAM Detector: PAM_DET
PAM Receiver: PAM_RX
PAM Modulated Signal: PAM_SRC
PAM Transmitter: PAM_TX
PM Demodulator: PM_DMOD
Phase Modulator: PM_MOD
Pi/4 QPSK Detector: PQPSK_DET
Pi/4 QPSK Receiver: PQPSK_RX
Pi/4 QPSK Modulated Signal: PQPSK_SRC
Pi/4 QPSK Transmitter: PQPSK_TX
Pulse-Width Demodulator: PW_DMOD
Pulse-Width Modulator: PW_MOD
QAM Detector: QAM_DET
QAM Receiver: QAM_RX
QAM Soft Metrics Calculator: QAM_SFTM
QAM Modulated Signal: QAM_SRC
QAM Transmitter: QAM_TX
QPSK Receiver: QPSK_RX
QPSK Modulated Signal: QPSK_SRC
QPSK Transmitter: QPSK_TX
General I/Q Modulation Receiver: RCVR
Subcarrier Demapper: SC_DMAP
Subcarrier Mapper: SC_MAP
Neural Network
Amplifier Model (Time-Delay Neural Network-based): AMP_TDNN
2nd Order Active Loop Filter: 2ND_ACT
2nd Order Passive Loop Filter: 2ND_PASS
3rd Order Passive Loop Filter: 3RD_PASS
Phase Divider (PLL): DIVIDER
Phase Detector of Type XOR: PDXOR
Phase-Frequency Detector and Charge-Pump: PFDCP
Behavioral Voltage-Controlled Oscillator (VCO): VCO_B
(Obsolete) Charge Pump Phase/Frequency Detector: CHPMP
(Obsolete) Frequency Divide by N: DIVN
(Obsolete) Frequency divider, linear approximation: DIVN_L
(Obsolete) Phase/Frequency Detector: PFD
(Obsolete) Phase Noise Waveform: PN
(Obsolete) Voltage Controlled Oscillator: VCO
(Obsolete) Linear VCO model: VCO_L
Termination Port: PORT
Dynamic Source Port: PORT_SRC
Port for Data Input: PORTDIN
Named Port for Data Input: PORTDIN_NAME
Port for Data Output: PORTDOUT
Named Port for Data Output: PORTDOUT_NAME
RF Blocks
Behavioral Amplifier: AMP_B
Behavioral Amplifier, 2nd Generation: AMP_B2
Behavioral Amplifier (Voltage-Based): AMP_BV
Equation-based Nonlinear Amplifier: AMP_EQN
Frequency Dependent Behavioral Amplifier (File-Based): AMP_F
RF Antenna Properties: ANTENNA
Variable RF Analog Phase Shifter: APHSHFT_VAR
RF Bus Splitter/Combiner: BUS_SPLITTER
Circulator: CIRCULATOR
Physical Spec: Grounded Shield: COAX
RF Combiner Properties: COMBINER
Directional Coupler, 3-port Internal Termination: DCOUPLER_3
Directional Coupler, 4-port External Termination: DCOUPLER_4
180-Degree Hybrid (2-Input, 2-Output) Properties: DHYB_22
Diplexer: DIPLEXER
Digital RF Phase Shifter: DPHSHFT
Variable Digital RF Phase Shifter: DPHSHFT_VAR
Variable Digital Step Attenuator: DSATTEN_VAR
Behavioral Frequency Multiplier: FMULT_B
Behavioral Frequency Multiplier, 2nd Generation: FMULT_B2
IQ Imbalance: IMBAL_IQ
Isolator: ISOLATOR
Linear Amplifier: LINAMP
Linear Behavioral Model (File-Based): LIN_F
Linear Behavioral Model, 2nd Generation (File-Based): LIN_F2
MDIF File Based Linear Behavioral Model: LIN_MDIF
Linear Behavioral Model, Variable Port Count (Simulation-Based): LIN_S
Grounded Resistor: LOAD
Logarithmic Amplifier: LOGAMP
Lossless Tuner: LTUNER
Linear Variable Gain Amplifier: LVGA
Behavioral Mixer: MIXER_B
Behavioral Mixer, 2nd Generation: MIXER_B2
File-based Behavioral Mixer: MIXER_F
Simulation-based Behavioral Mixer: MIXER_S
Nonlinear Amplifier (Circuit Model): NL_AMP2
MDIF File Based Nonlinear Behavioral Model: NL_MDIF
Nonlinear Behavioral Model (Simulation-Based): NL_S
Nonlinear Amplifier, Envelope Co-simulation: NL_S_ENV
Oscillator with Optional Phase Noise Effects: OSC_S
Phased Array: PHARRAY
Phased Array Antenna: PHARRAY_ANT
Phased Array Assembly, Data-file based: PHARRAY_F
Phased Array Signal Splitter for Receivers: PHARRAY_RXSIG
Phased Array Signal Splitter for Receivers, Bus Based: PHARRAY_RXSIG_BUS
Phased Array Element Phase Shifter: PHARRAY_SHFTR
Power Meter (Power of Input as Voltage): PWR_MTR
Quadrature Hybrid (1-Input, 2-Output): QHYB_12
Quadrature Hybrid (2-Input, 1-Output): QHYB_21
Quadrature Hybrid (2-Input, 2-Output) Properties: QHYB_22
RF Attenuator: RFATTEN
RF Budget Path Cost: RFBPATH
Variable Digital RF Delay: RFDELAY_VAR
RF Double Pole Double Throw Switch (Static 2-Input 4-Output): RFDPDT_24ST
RF Double Pole Double Throw Switch (Static 4-Input 2-Output): RFDPDT_42ST
RF Controller: RF_CNTRLR
End of RF Signal: RF_END
RF PID (Proportional-Integral-Derivate) Controller: RF_PID
Start RF Signal: RF_START
Start RF Signal (Noise Source): RF_START_NS
RF Single Pole n-Throw Switch (Dynamic 1-Input n-Output): RFSW_1nDYN
RF Single Pole n-Throw Switch (Static 1-Input n-Output): RFSW_1nST
RF Baseball Switch: RFSW_BASEBALL
RF Crossover Switch: RFSW_CROSSOVER
RF Directional Switch: RFSW_DIR
RF Signal Frequency Controlled Switch: RFSW_FRQ
RF Single Pole n-Throw Switch (Dynamic n-input 1-output): RFSW_n1DYN
RF Single Pole n-Throw Switch (Static n-input 1-output): RFSW_n1ST
Resistor Noise Source: RN
Two Port S Parameter Block: S2P_BLK
Two State S Parameter Block: SBLK_2STATE
Signal Coupling: SCOUPLING
Signal Direction: SIGDIR
n Port S Parameter Block: SnP_BLK
Tone(s) Source: TONE
TWT-Saleh Behavioral Model (File-Based): TWT_F
TWT-Saleh Behavioral Model (Simulation-Based): TWT_S
Hard Voltage Limiter (Real Signals): V_LIM
Nonlinear Variable Gain Amplifier (File-Based): VGA_F
Voltage Noise Source: VN
Voltage Variable RF Attenuator: VVA
Two Port Y Parameter Block: Y2P_BLK
n Port Y Parameter Block: YnP_BLK
Two Port Z Parameter Block: Z2P_BLK
n Port Z Parameter Block: ZnP_BLK
(Obsolete) Circulator (1-Input, 2-Output): CIRC_12
(Obsolete) Circulator (2-Input, 1-Output): CIRC_21
(Obsolete) Combiner (N-Inputs to 1-Output): COMB
(Obsolete) Narrowband Behavioral Amplifier: NL_AMP
(Obsolete) Nonlinear Behavioral Amplifier (Complex Signal): NL_AMP_H
(Obsolete) Nonlinear Behavioral Model (File-Based): NL_F
(Obsolete) Narrowband Behavioral Mixer: NL_MIXER
(Obsolete) Nonlinear Frequency-Dependent Behavioral Model (File-Based): NLFD_F
(Obsolete) Nonlinear Frequency-Dependent Behavioral Model (Simulation-Based): NLFD_S
(Obsolete) RF Single Pole Double Throw Switch (Static 1-Input 2-Output): RFSPDT_12ST
(Obsolete) RF Single Pole Double Throw Switch (Static 2-Input 1-Output): RFSPDT_21ST
(Obsolete) Receive Antenna Properties: RX_ANTENNA
(Obsolete) Splitter: SPLIT
(Obsolete) Splits One Signal Into Four or Fewer Signals: SPLIT_N
(Obsolete) Frequency-Dependent TWT-Saleh Behavioral Model (Simulation-Based): TWTFD_S
(Obsolete) Transmit Antenna Properties: TX_ANTENNA
(Obsolete) Volterra Behavioral Model: VBLOCK
(Obsolete) Linear Variable Gain Amplifier: VGA_L
Signal Processing
Align Signal (Gain, Phase and Delay Compensate): ALIGN
Attenuator: ATTEN
Burst Shaper: BURST
Capture and Repeat: CAP_REP
Radar Constant False Alarm Rate Calculator: CFAR
Change Center Frequency: CHANGE_FC
Change Sampling Frequency: CHANGE_FS
Comparator: COMPARE
Correlator: CORRELATOR
Counter Block: COUNTER
Decision Block: DECIDE
Decimator: DECIM
Delays Input Stream by Specified Time: DELAY
Variable Delay: DELAY_VAR
DFT Calculator: DFT
Data Latch: DLATCH
Delays Input Stream by N Samples: DLY_SMP
Delays Input Stream by N Symbols: DLY_SYM
Signal Delay Compensator (Align to Sample Boundary): DLYCMP
Digital Predistortion Block with Feedback: DPD
Carrier Frequency Shifter: FRQSHFT
Gain Block: GAIN
Hold: HOLD
Triggered Hold: HOLD_T
Inverse DFT Calculator: IDFT
Integrates N Samples then Clears Buffer: INTG_DMP
LMS Equalizer: LMS_EQU
Lookup Table: LOOKUP
Minimum/Maximum (N-Input, 2-Output): MINMAX
Radar Moving Target Detector: MTD
Peak Detector: PEAK_DET
Phase Shifter: PHASE
Pulse Generator: PLSGEN
Peak-to-Average Ratio: PTAR
Ramp Profile: RAMP_PRFL
Radar Cross Section: RCS
Remove Signal Delay Samples: REMOVE_DLY
Block Repeater: REPEAT
Rational Resampler: RESAMPLER
Rate of Output Averaged Values per Input: RUN_AVG
Sampler: SAMPLER
Sample and Hold: SMPLHLD
Single-Pole Double-Throw Switch (1-Input, 2-Output): SPDT_12
Single-Pole Double-Throw Switch (2-Input, 1-Output): SPDT_21
Square Wave Generator: SQRGEN
Threshold Block: THRSHLD
Unwrap: UNWRAP
(Obsolete) Minimum/Maximum (16-Input, 2-Output): MINMAX16
(Obsolete) Minimum/Maximum (2-Input, 2-Output): MINMAX2
(Obsolete) Minimum/Maximum (4-Input, 2-Output): MINMAX4
(Obsolete) Minimum/Maximum (8-Input, 2-Output): MINMAX8
(Obsolete) Signal Scaling Block: SIGSCL
Simulation Control
RFB Thermal Noise Simulation Control: RFBTNSCTL
Swept Variable Control: SWPVAR
Linear FM Chirp Signal Generator: CHIRP_LFM
Colored Noise Source: COLORNS
Digital Pulse: DPULSE
Random K Clutter Generator: KCLUTTER
Complex Impulse Source: IMPLS_C
Real Impulse Source: IMPLS_R
Phase Noise Source: PHASENS
Periodic Pulse Waveform: PPULSE
Pseudo-Random Binary Sequence Generator: PRBS
Pseudo-Random Binary Sequence Waveform Generator: PRBS_WVFM
Ramp Function: RAMP
Random Complex Source: RND_C
Random Digital Source: RND_D
Random Real Source: RND_R
Sawtooth Waveform: SAW
Sinusoid Source: SINE
Complex Source: SRC_C
Digital Source: SRC_D
Frequency Response Source: SRC_FRQ
Real Source: SRC_R
Step Function: STEP
White Gaussian Noise: WHITENS
(Obsolete) Maps Input Modulation to Multicarrier Output: FDMUX
(Obsolete) N Tone Sinusoid: NTONES
(Obsolete) Pulse: PULSE
(Obsolete) Complex Sinusoid (Complex Envelope): SIN_C
(Obsolete) Real Sinusoid (Complex Envelope): SIN_R
(Obsolete) White Gaussian Noise: WGNS
802.11ac Receiver: 80211AC_RX
802.11ac Transmitter: 80211AC_TX
802.11b Source for 1Mbps: 802.11b_01_SRC
802.11b Transmitter for 1Mbps: 802.11b_01_TX
802.11b Source for 2Mbps: 802.11b_02_SRC
802.11b Transmitter for 2Mbps: 802.11b_02_TX
802.11b Source for 11Mbps: 802.11b_11_SRC
802.11b Transmitter for 11Mbps: 802.11b_11_TX
802.11b Source for 5.5Mbps: 802.11b_55_SRC
802.11b Transmitter for 5.5Mbps: 802.11b_5.5_TX
DVB-H (DVB-T) Receiver Modules: DVB_RX_MODULES
DVB-H (DVB-T) Receiver: DVB_RX
DVB-H (DVB-T) Signal Source: DVB_TSIG
DVB-H (DVB-T) Transmitter Modules: DVB_TX_MODULES
DVB_S General Receiver Model: DVBS_RX
DVB-S Transmitter: DVBS_TX
IS2000 Forward Link Modules: IS2000_FL_MODULES
IS2000 Forward Link Receiver: IS2000_FL_RX
IS2000 Forward Link Signal Source: IS2000_FL_TSIG
IS2000 Reverse Link Modules: IS2000_RL_MODULES
IS2000 Reverse Link Receiver: IS2000_RL_RX
IS2000 Reverse Link Signal Source: IS2000_RL_TSIG
LO Imbalance: LO_IMBAL
LTE Downlink Receiver: LTE_DL_RX
LTE Downlink EMV Receiver: LTE_DL_RXM
LTE Downlink Signal Source: LTE_DL_TSIG
LTE Downlink Transmitter: LTE_DL_TX
LTE Receiver Modules: LTE_RX_MODULES
LTE Transmitter Modules: LTE_TX_MODULES
LTE Uplink Receiver for Encoded Signals: LTE_UL_RX
LTE Uplink EMV Receiver: LTE_UL_RXM
LTE Uplink Signal Source: LTE_UL_TSIG
LTE Uplink Signal Source: LTE_UL_TSIGE
Image Rejection Behavioral Mixer: MIXER_IRM
Moving Target Indicator: MTI
NR 5G Downlink Receiver (with decoder): NR_DL_RX
NR 5G Downlink Receiver: NR_DL_RXM
NR 5G Downlink Test Model Receiver: NR_DL_RXM_TM
NR 5G Downlink Signal Source: NR_DL_TSIG
NR 5G Downlink Signal Source (with encoder): NR_DL_TSIGE
NR 5G Downlink Test Model Signal Source: NR_DL_TSIG_TM
NR 5G Receiver Modules: NR_5G_RX_MODULES
NR 5G Transmitter Modules: NR_5G_TX_MODULES
NR 5G Uplink Receiver (with decoder): NR_UL_RX
NR 5G Uplink Receiver: NR_UL_RXM
NR 5G Uplink Signal Source: NR_UL_TSIG
NR 5G Uplink Receiver (with encoder): NR_UL_TSIGE
Antenna and Propagation Models: RADAR_ANTPROP
Signal Processing Models: RADAR_SIGPROC
Radar Target and Propagation: TARGET
Radar Target Model: TARGET_MODEL
WCDMA Downlink Test Model Channels: WCDMA_DL_TM_MODULES
WCDMA Downlink Test Model 1-6 Signal Source: WCDMA_DL_TM_TSIG
WCDMA Physical Channels Downlink Modules: WCDMA_DL_MODULES
WCDMA Downlink Signal Source: WCDMA_DL_TSIG
WCDMA Physical Channels Uplink Modules: WCDMA_UL_MODULES
WCDMA Uplink Signal Source: WCDMA_UL_TSIG
WiMAX Receiver Modules: WIMAX_RX_MODULES
WiMAX Transmitter Modules: WIMAX_TX_MODULES
Mobile WiMAX Receiver: WiMAX_MBL_RX
Mobile WiMAX Modulated Signal Source: WiMAX_MBL_TSIG
Mobile WiMAX Transmitter: WiMAX_MBL_TX
Mobile WiMAX Receiver Modules: WIMAX_MBL_RX_MODULES
Mobile WiMAX Transmitter Modules: WIMAX_MBL_TX_MODULES
WiMAX Receiver, Full-Band: WiMAX_RX_FB
WiMAX Signal Source, Full-Band: WiMAX_TSIG_FB
WiMAX Transmitter, Full-Band: WiMAX_TX_FB
(Obsolete) Center Frequency Selector (shifts Fc): FRQ_SEL
(Obsolete) Sources Models: RADAR_SOURCES

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