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AWR Visual System Simulator Measurement Catalog

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Table of Contents

About This Book
Additional Documentation
Typographical Conventions
Getting On-Line Help
Annotate VSS Alphabet Size: ALPHSIZE
Annotate VSS Bit Width: BITWIDTH
Annotate VSS Annotate Bi-directional Port Directions: BPORT_DIR
Annotate VSS Signal Center Frequencies: CTRFRQ
Annotate VSS Signal Data Rates: DRATE
Annotate VSS Node Static Es/N0: EsN0
Annotate VSS Node Static Noise PSDs: NOISEPSD
Annotate VSS Node Static Phase Rotations: PHSROT
Annotate VSS Node Static Signal Delays: SIGDLY
Annotate VSS Node Static Signal Powers: SIGPWR
Annotate VSS Signal Sampling Frequencies: SMPFRQ
Annotate VSS Signal Node Time Steps: TSTEP
Annotate VSS Characteristic Impedance: Z0
Annotate Diagnostic
Annotate VSS Input Node Sample Backlog: SMPBKLOG
Annotate VSS Node Samples Processed Count: SMPCNT
Annotate Fixed Point
Annotate VSS Binary Format: BINFMT
Annotate VSS Overflow Management: OVRFLOMGMT
Annotate VSS Underflow Management: UNDRFLOMGMT
Annotate VSS Bit and Decimal Widths: WIDTHS
Time Domain Value vs. Swept Variable: TDVAL_SWP
(Obsolete) System Histogram: S_HIST
Write VSS RF Link Characteristics to Text Data File: RFA_TDF
Instantaneous Frequency vs. Time: FREQ_INST
Inphase vs. Quadrature: IQ
System Waveform: WVFM
System BER
Bit or Symbol Error Rate: BER
BPSK Bit or Symbol Error Rate: BPSK_BERREF
FSK Bit or Symbol Error Rate: FSK_BERREF
QAM Bit or Symbol Error Rate: QAM_BERREF
QPSK Bit or Symbol Error Rate: QPSK_BERREF
System CDMA
Peak Code Domain Error: PCDE
System Eye Diagram
Eye Diagram: EYE
Eye Amplitude: EYE_AMPLITUDE
Eye Corners: EYE_CORNERS
Eye Crossing Info: EYE_CROSSING
Eye Extinction Ratio: EYE_EXTRATIO
Eye Height: EYE_HEIGHT
Eye Histogram: EYE_HIST
Eye Inverse Extinction Ratio: EYE_INVEXTRATIO
Eye Jitter: EYE_JITTER
Eye Level Info: EYE_LEVEL
Eye Overshoot: EYE_OVERSHOOT
Eye Transition: EYE_TRANSITION
Eye Undershoot: EYE_UNDERSHOOT
Eye Width: EYE_WIDTH
GSM Adjacent Channel Power: GSM_ACP
GSM GMSK Modulation Accuracy, Frequency Error: GSM_FRQ
GSM GMSK Modulation Accuracy, Phase Error: GSM_PHS
GSM Power vs. Time: GSM_PVT
GSM Output RF Spectrum: GSM_SPEC
System Noise
Swept Analog Carrier to Interference+Noise Ratio C/(I+N): CINR_A
Swept Integrated Phase Noise: INTG_PHS_NOISE
Swept Noise Factor/Figure (SNR In/SNR Out, Time Domain): NF_TD
Phase Noise: PHS_NOISE
Swept Analog Signal-to-Noise Ratio (Time Domain): SNR_A
System NW Analyzer
Instantaneous AM-AM: AMtoAM_INST
Swept AM to AM: AMtoAM_PS
Instantaneous AM-PM: AMtoPM_INST
Swept AM to PM: AMtoPM_PS
Error Vector Magnitude: EVM
Swept Error Vector Magnitude: EVM_PS
Instantaneous Error Vector Spectrum: EVS
Swept Group Delay: GD_TD
Swept Intermodulation Distortion (dBc): IMD
Swept nth-order Intercept Point: IPn
Instantaneous IQ Error Magnitude: IQERRMAG
Instantaneous IQ Error Phase: IQERRPHS
Power Added Efficiency, Time Domain: PAE_TD
Swept S21: S21_PS
SINAD (Ratio of Total Signal Power to Noise+Distortion): SINAD
Swept Voltage Gain: V_GAIN
Instantaneous S21: V_GAIN_INST
(Obsolete) Small Signal Group Delay: GD_SS
(Obsolete) Small Signal Frequency Response: S21_SS
(Obsolete) Small Signal Impulse Response: TD_SS
System Power
Instantaneous Power vs. Time: PWR_INST
Power Meter (Supports Sweeping): PWR_MTR
Channel Power vs. Time: PWR_vsT
Spectrum-based Spurious Free Dynamic Range: SFDR_SPEC
System RF Budget Analysis
Cascaded Damage Indicator: C_DAMAGE
Cascaded Available Gain (Noise Operating Point): C_GA
Cascaded Group Delay: C_GD
Cascaded Linear Gain: C_GN
Cascaded Power Gain: C_GP
Cascaded Operating Point Transducer Gain: C_GT
Cascaded Voltage Gain: C_GV
Cascaded Operating Point Headroom: C_HDRM
Cascaded 2nd Order Intermod Product: C_IM2
Cascaded 3rd Order Intermod Product: C_IM3
Cascaded IP2: C_IP2
Cascaded IP3: C_IP3
Cascaded Integrated Phase Noise: C_IPHS_NOISE
Cascaded Noise Factor/Figure: C_NF
Cascaded P1dB: C_P1DB
Cascaded Phase Noise: C_PHS_NOISE
Cascaded S11: C_S11
Cascaded S21: C_S21
Cascaded S22: C_S22
Cascaded Signal To Noise Ratio: C_SNR
Cascaded Equivalent Input Noise Temperature: C_TE
Cascaded Equivalent Output Noise Temperature: C_TN
Cascaded VSWR: C_VSWR
Node Simulation Frequency: F_node
Node Power: GC_node
Gain to System Temperature Ratio: G_T
Node Current: I_node
Linear Deviation From Phase: LDVP_node
Node Noise PSD (N0): N0_node
Node Power: P_node
Node Antenna Polarization Properties: POLAR_node
RF Budget Analysis Control Values: RFB_CTLVAL
RF Spurious Free Dynamic Range: SFDR_RFB
Node Signal Power: SPWR_node
Node Noise Temperature: T_node
System Equivalent Noise Temperature: Tsys
Node Voltage: V_node
Node Noise Voltage: Vn_node
Node Impedance: Z_node
System RF Inspector
RF Inspector Control Values: RFI_CTLVAL
RFI Current Spectrum: RFI_I_SPEC
RFI Power in Frequency Band: RFI_PWR_BAND
RFI Power Spectrum: RFI_PWR_SPEC
RFI Voltage Spectrum: RFI_V_SPEC
System Spectrum
Power Spectrum: PWR_SPEC
Power Spectrum, Normalized: PWR_SPECN
Plot Spectral Mask from File
Voltage at Frequency: V_FREQ
Voltage Spectrum: V_SPEC
System Statistics
Complementary Cumulative Distribution Function: CCDF
Probability Density Function: PDF
Histogram: HIST
System Tools
Static Signal Delay Properties: DLY_PROP
Static Power-Noise Ratio Properties: EsN0_PROP
Frequency Properties: FRQ_PROP
Static Noise Properties: NOISE_PROP
Static Phase Rotation Properties: PHS_PROP
Static Signal Power Properties: PWR_PROP

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