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Chapter 13. Wizards

The Cadence® AWR Design Environment® platform design wizards are Dynamic Link Library (DLL) files that allow you to automate routine tasks or implement add-on tools to extend AWR Design Environment platform capabilities. The following sections describe the available wizards.

You can author design wizards using Microsoft's flexible ActiveX® technology, which provides a mechanism for creating visual forms for design wizards using any development environment that supports ActiveX, such as Microsoft® Visual Basic®, Microsoft Visual C++®, or Borland® C++Builder®.

To implement a design wizard to be hosted within the AWR Design Environment platform, you create an ActiveX DLL project whose class module implements the IMWOWizard interface. The user interface is implemented by creating a form in the ActiveX control that displays when the IMWOWizard's "Run" method is called.

To run the wizard from within the AWR Design Environment platform, you must register the DLL file as an AWR Design Environment platform add-in. Each registered wizard then displays as a subnode under Wizards in the AWR Design Environment platform Project Browser. To run a wizard, double-click its node. When a wizard is run within the AWR Design Environment platform, a wizard state object is created under that wizard subnode. If you enter data into the wizard, you have the option of saving its current state or restoring it to its previous state. To restore the wizard to its previous state, double-click the wizard state object in the Project Browser. To save its current state into the wizard state object, choose Save State.

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