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2.8. Status Window

The Status Window (located at the bottom of the main window when docked) displays three different types of messages issued from various operations:

You can double-click certain message types in the Status Window to navigate to the message source. For example, a microstrip line without an appropriate MSUB element defined would display an error similar to the following.

When you double-click this error, the schematic containing the element displays with the MLIN highlighted in red.

2.8.1. Status Window Controls

The Status Window includes a toolbar as shown in the following figure:

The Status Window toolbar commands include:

  • Copy: Copy the selected item to the Clipboard.

  • Copy All: Copy all of the items in the Status Window to the Clipboard.

  • Clear: Clear the selected item from the Status Window.

  • Clear All: Clear all of the items from the Status Window.

  • All: Display all of the items from the different message categories (errors, warnings and info).

  • Errors: Display only error items.

  • Warnings: Display only warning items.

  • Info: Display only simulation information items.

  • Show in Groups: Group items into their sources (for example, schematics, system diagrams, and EM structures).

  • Sort: Sorts the items based on either time stamp, type, code, or description. NOTE: Code is reserved for future use.

You can right-click an error to access these and additional commands, as shown in the following figures.

You can select which items display in the Status Window based on the item source.

You can specify whether or not the timestamp, code, or description of each item displays.

You can then sort items in the Status Window by timestamp, type, code, or description.

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