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7.3. Working with Output Files

In addition to displaying the results of simulations in graphical form, you can also export simulation results to output files with the following formats:

NOTE: You must simulate the project after adding an output file to generate the file, regardless of whether previous simulations were run or not.

If the file format can also be used in the AWR Design Environment platform for other purposes, there is an option to import the file after simulation. Each subsequent simulation overwrites the data file in the project. To keep a permanent copy, rename the data file.

7.3.1. Creating an Output File

To create an output file to store the results of a simulation:

  1. Choose Project > Add Output File or right-click the Output Files node in the Project Browser and choose Add Output File. The Add Output File dialog box displays. See “Add/Modify Output File Dialog Box” for more information about this dialog box.

  2. Choose the measurement that corresponds to the type of data file you want to create. Click the Meas Help button for details on each measurement.

  3. Specify the Data Source Name, the File Name, and the required options, and then click OK

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