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13.8. Mixer and Multiplier Synthesis Wizard

The Mixer and Multiplier Synthesis Wizard allows you to synthesize several types of mixer and multiplier structures to be implemented in microstrip transmission line structures:

To access the Mixer and Multiplier Synthesis Wizard, open the Wizards node in the Project Browser and double-click Mixer and Multiplier Synthesis. The Mixer and Multiplier Synthesis dialog box displays.

On the Mixer/Multiplier Setup tab, select a Component Type and then specify the design parameters:

Click OK to synthesize the component and send the design to the AWR Microwave Office program. The wizard creates a large number of subcircuits and output graphs. Each mixer or multiplier circuit is hierarchical, having separate subcircuits for the hybrid, diodes and matching circuits, and test circuits for fixed and swept LO power. Several graphs document the performance of each circuit.

On the Microstrip Setup tab you can configure the microstrip technology parameters for the components:

The synthesized project includes the AWR Microwave Office schematic, necessary subcircuits, and graphs, but not finished layouts; you need to manipulate the layout to finalize the component design. Appropriate quantities in the subcircuit are entered as tunable variables. Line lengths in the synthesized circuit are modified to compensate for the size of interconnects and bends. That compensation may not be exact in all cases, causing the center frequency to differ from the value entered. To compensate, the synthesized circuit includes a “scale” variable, which proportionately scales the lengths of all relevant microstrip elements, allowing adjustment of the center frequency.

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