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(Obsolete) Stability Index Measured with Gamma-Probe: STAB_GP


STAB_GP plots the stability index as a function of frequency. It is used in conjunction with the Gamma-Probe element. See “AWR Microwave Office Approach to Internal Stability Analysis” for details on use of the Gamma-Probe element.


Name Type Range
Data Source Name Subcircuit 4 to 1000
Gamma1 excitation port Integer 1 to 1000
Gamma2 excitation port Integer 1 to 1000
Voltage sample port Integer 1 to 1000
Current sample port Integer 1 to 1000
Zo1, Real (ohms) Real 0.1 to 2500
Zo1, imag (ohms) Real -2500 to 2500
Zo2, Real value (ohms) Real 0.1 to 2500
Zo2, imag (ohms) Real -2500 to 2500

NOTE: All measurements will have additional parameters that allow you to specify the plotting configuration for swept parameters. These parameters are dynamic; they change based upon which data source is selected. See “Swept Parameter Analysis ” for details on configuring these parameters.


This measurement returns a real value. The real measurement can also be displayed in dB by selecting the dB check box.

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