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Plot Real Data from Multi-dimension MDIF File: PlotMD_R


PlotMD_R can be used to read real data from a multi-dimensioned generalized MDIF file. If the data in the MDIF file conforms to the requirements for the load pull format, then additional derived quantities are also available for use with this measurement.


Name Type Range
Data File Name Document The name of the generalized MDIF document. The MDIF document must be loaded into the project.
Data to Plot List Values that can be used for the document
Data to Use for X-Axis   If <Default>, the data used for the X-axis of the measurement matches the sweep set as Use for x-axis. Note that one of the sweeps in the measurement must be set to this. If other than <Default>, the sweep index for the measurement still uses the sweep that has Use for x-axis set, but the values used to define the X-axis of the points on the plot come from the specified quantity. A common use of this parameter is when an index is used as the independent variable in the MDIF file, but the actual measured quantity that you want to sweep against is a dependent quantity in the MDIF. For example, in the load pull MDIF files, power is represented as an index iPower, so you can set the iPower sweep to Use for x-axis, then use this option to select PSrc_Ava to plot a value versus available input source power. The advantage of using an index for a sweep is that you can slice the data as if it is on a regular grid, but still plot values versus the actual measured quantities that may not fall on a regular grid.

NOTE: All measurements will have additional parameters that allow you to specify the plotting configuration for swept parameters. These parameters are dynamic; they change based upon which data source is selected. See “Swept Parameter Analysis ” for details on configuring these parameters. Data measurements are based on data files, so swept parameters are not defined.

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