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Generate Touchstone, MDIF, or MATLAB File: NPORTF


NPORTF writes port parameter files from simulations.  NPORTF can output Touchstone (Version 1.0 or Version 2.0), MDIF, Generalized MDIF, or MATLAB files.


Name Type Range
Data Source Name Schematic, Data File, or EM structure N/A
Parameter Type List of Types S, Y, Z
Format List of Types RI, MA, DB
Precision Integer 1 - 15
Ref. Impedance Real 0 to 1e6
Write Noise for Active Source Check box  
File Type List of Types Auto, Touchstone, MDIF, Generic MDIF, MATLAB, Touchstone V2.0
File Name String NA
Write into Project Data Files Check box True or False

Parameter Details

Data Source Name. Name of the data source. Can be a schematic, data file, or EM structure.

Parameter Type. Specifies to write S-, Y-, or Z-parameters.

Format. Specifies the file data format (Real and Imaginary, Magnitude and Angle, or dB and Angle).

Precision. The maximum number of digits to include in matrix entries.

Reference Impedance. The reference impedance of the Touchstone file. This can be set to zero, and the reference impedance is then taken from the termination impedance of port 1 in the data source. For V2.0 Touchstone S-parameter files, the termination impedances of all the ports is used when this is set to zero.

Write Noise for Active Source Noise parameters are only written to the output file for non-passive two-port data sources. If this option is cleared, the noise parameters are omitted.

File Type:

  • Auto. Automatically selects the File Type based on the number of ports and sweeps in the source document. If the source document has only frequency sweeps, then a Touchstone file is created.  If the source documents has sweeps other than frequency, then either an MDIF or a Generic MDIF is created. An MDIF is created if the structure has two ports, and a GMDIF is created if the structure has more than two ports.

  • Touchstone. Creates a Touchstone file.

  • MDIF. Creates an MDIF file.

  • GMDIF. Creates a generic MDIF file.

  • MATLAB. Creates a MAT file. The variable names written into the file are "F" for frequency, "S"/"Y"/"Z" for the network parameter data, and "Ci" for noise correlation data.

  • Touchstone V2.0. Creates a Version 2.0 Touchstone file.

File Name. When left blank, the file is created in the directory of the project with a file name that is the same as the Data Source Name, with the proper extension.  File Name can also be an absolute path, or specified as the root of the file name. The file is overwritten during subsequent simulations.

Write into Project Data Files. When this is selected, the datafile is written into the project rather than to disk. (This option is not valid for MATLAB files.)


This measurement writes a port parameter file for the data source with the specified options.

Computational Details

Noise Data. Noise data is automatically computed and is written in active two-port files. This applies to Touchstone, MDIF, and MATLAB files, not generic MDIF.

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