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Noise Figure Matching into Network B: NoiseMatch


NoiseMatch computes the noise figure in dB at the input of a network ("B") with a matching network inserted between the network input and the source impedance ("A").


Name Type Range
Network B name Subcircuit N/A
Network B input port Integer 1 to 10
Network B output port Integer 1 to 10
Impedance A (0 - > default) Real 0 to 2500 Ohms

Parameter Details

Network B input port. Determines which port in network B is the input.

Network B output port. Determines which port in network B is the output.

Impedance A. When set to 0, the impedance is obtained from Default A impedance on the Synthesis Definition tab of the Network Synthesis Wizard.


This measurement returns a real value in dB.

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