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Return Loss Calculated from Mismatch Loss into a Network: NetMatchRL


NetMatchRL computes the mismatch loss in dB when matching from a synthesized network into another network, attached to Port B of the matching network, and then converting this into return loss. Port A of the synthesized network is terminated with the specified impedance. If the matching network is lossless, then the computed value equals the return loss looking into port A of the network.


Name Type Range
Network B name Subcircuit N/A
Port number to match Integer 1 to 10
Include network loss Check box N/A
Impedance A (0 - > default) Real 0 to 2500 Ohms

Parameter Details

Port number to match. Determines the port in network B to match against.

Include network loss. When enabled the resistive loss of the synthesized network (in dB) is added to the mismatch loss, which causes the synthesis run to favor matching networks that are lossless if the measurement goal is set to zero.

Impedance A. When set to zero, the impedance is obtained from the Network Synthesis wizard's Network Synthesis dialog box Synthesis Definition tab Default A impedance (real) value.


This measurement returns a real value in dB.

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