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Minimum Value for Generalized Load Pull Data: G_LPCMMIN


G_LPCMMIN is the same as G_LCPMMAX, except that you can use it to show the minimum value.


Name Type Range
Load Pull Data File Name Subcircuit A/B Wave load pull file or Derived Value load pull file
Data for contour   Calculated Values
Zo, real (ohms) Real 0.1 to 2500 ohms
Zo, imag (ohms) Real -2500 to 2500 ohms
Gamma Grid Density   The density of the gamma grid used to interpolate load pull max and min values. "High" (the default) matches all previous values calculated by the measurement in earlier versions of Cadence® AWR® Microwave Office software. "Matched" matches the gamma grid density to the grid density used by the G_LPCM measurement.

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