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Generalized Load Pull Contours Over Any Sweep: G_LPCM_EX


G_LPCM_EX is the same as G_LPCM except that you can use it to plot contours at any harmonic versus gammas swept at any harmonic. This typically only has value for load pull data files with nested harmonic sweeps. Note that the gamma to sweep over is determined by setting the desired gamma sweep to “Use for x-axis.” The dependent value to be plotted (for example, which harmonic data to plot over the specified gamma sweep) is determined with the 'harm' selector.


Name Type Range
Load Pull Data File Name Subcircuit A/B Wave Load Pull File or Derived Value Load Pull File
Data for contour   Calculated Values
Contour Step or Value   1; When Max number of contours > 1, the contours are automatically generated based on even multiples of the step size. When Max number of contours = 1, this value is used for the contour value. For data that has units, the step value is specified in base units, even if the values are displayed in user units. For example, if you plot the contour of AMPM values for a load pull file, and the unit setting for angles is set to degrees, then the Contour Step or Value size is specified in radians, even though the contour values display as degrees.
Max number of contours Real -500 to 500; if 1, Contour Step or Value is used to specify the value.
Z0, real (ohms) Real 0.1 to 2500; the normalization impedance used to display the contours on the Smith chart.
Z0, imag (ohms) Real -2500 to 2500; the normalization impedance used to display the contours on the Smith chart.


In addition to the standard parameters, you may need to specify the following swept parameters.

Sweep Description
F1 Fundamental frequency.
iPower Index into the values used for swept power.
harm Specifies the harmonic used for plotting data.
iGammaX One gamma sweep should be set to "Use for x-axis" defining the impedance sweep over which data is plotted.

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