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Installation Guide

NI AWR Design Environment v14.04 Edition

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Table of Contents

QUICK REFERENCE for Experienced Administrators
1. Introduction
1.1. NI AWR Software Installation and Licensing
1.2. About This Guide
1.2.1. Typographical Conventions
2. Installing the NI AWR Design Environment
2.1. Installation Overview
2.1.1. Licensing and Available Features
2.2. Preparing for Installation
2.3. Installing the Software
2.3.1. Setting Up a Group Policy
2.4. Configuring Program File Locations
2.4.1. Searching mwoffice.ini
2.4.2. Searching user.ini
2.4.3. Customizing File Locations
2.4.4. Overriding appdatacommon and appdatauser Locations
2.5. Running the Software
2.5.1. Specifying License Features
2.5.2. Specifying a Foundry Library
2.5.3. Accessing User Resources
3. Configuring FLEXlm
3.1. Configuring Locked Licensing
3.1.1. Configuring Locked Licensing with a Software-Based Key
3.1.2. Configuring Locked Licensing with a Hardware-Based Key
3.2. Configuring Floating Licensing
3.2.1. Configuring Floating Licensing on the License Server
3.2.2. Configuring Floating Licensing on Client Workstations
4. Troubleshooting FLEXlm
4.1. FLEXlm Troubleshooting Walk-through
4.1.1. Checking License File Location
4.1.2. Checking License Server Configuration
4.1.3. Restarting the License Server
4.1.4. Checking the Debug Log
4.1.5. Verifying that a License Can Be Checked Out
4.1.6. FLEXlm Diagnostic Tools
4.2. Solutions to FLEXlm-related Problems
A. Installation Program Reference
A.1. Addin Manager: ADDINMANAGER.EXE
A.2. NI AWR Design Environment Installation Program
A.2.1. Description
A.2.2. Command Line Format
A.3. Job Scheduler Service Installation
A.3.1. Description
A.3.2. Command Line Format

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