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Solder Joint Fillet: SOLDER_FILLET



SOLDER_FILLET models a solder joint fillet. The fillet radius is equal to the height (SolderH). This element is for use in 3D EM documents only. See “Using 3D EM Elements ” for details on using 3D pCells with Cadence® AWR® Analyst™ 3D FEM EM analysis software.



Name Description Unit Type Default
ID Subcircuit ID Text S1
*M Multiplicity factor - not used for this model    
NET Subcircuit name Text SOLDER_FILLET
SolderH Height of Solder Fillet Length 45 mils
SolderL Length of Solder Fillet Length 27 mils
SolderW Width of the Solder Fillet Length 815 mils
Cond Electric Bulk Conductivity of Solder material   6900000

*indicates a secondary parameter


  • 10 mil ≤ SolderH ≤ 1000 mil

  • 10 mil ≤ SolderL≤ 1000 mi

  • 10 mil ≤ SolderW ≤ 5000 mil

  • 106 S/m ≤ Cond ≤ 108 S/m


The 2D projection of this element in the x/y plane displays in the EM Layout View.

3D EM Layout

This element is specifically used for Analyst 3D EM layouts. See “Using 3D EM Elements ” for details on using 3D parts with Analyst software.

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