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Solder Trace: SOLDER_BLOB



SOLDER_BLOB models a solder trace or solder bridge commonly used for making RF board modifications in the lab. This element is for use in 3D EM documents only. See “Using 3D EM Elements ” for details on using 3D pCells with Cadence® AWR® Analyst™ 3D FEM EM analysis software.



Name Description Unit Type Default
ID Subcircuit ID Text S1
NET Subcircuit name Text SOLDER_BLOB
*M Multiplicity factor - not used for this model   1
SolderH Height of Solder Blob Length 6 mils
SolderL Length of Solder Body Length 36 mils
SolderW Width of the Solder Body Length 6 mils
SolderRad Radius of the Edge Fillet Length 3 mils
Cond Electric Bulk Conductivity of material for Solder Blob   6900000 S/m

*indicates a secondary parameter


  • 1 mil ≤ SolderH ≤ 1000 mil

  • 1 mil < SolderL≤ 5000 mi

  • 1 mil ≤ SolderW ≤ 1000 mil

  • SolderRad ≤ SolderH/2

  • SolderRad ≤ SolderL/2

  • SolderRad ≤ SolderW/2

  • 106 S/m ≤ Cond ≤ 108 S/m


The 2D projection of this element in the x/y plane displays in the EM Layout View.

3D EM Layout

This element is specifically used for Analyst 3D EM layouts. See “Using 3D EM Elements ” for details on using 3D parts with Analyst software.

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