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Flat Bent Package Lead "Gull-Wing" (Closed Form): GWLEAD



GWLEAD is a dynamic model of flat bent package lead known as "Gull-Wing". You can specify the number of leads, lead pitch, and place leads on one or two parallel sides of a package.

This element is only for use in 3D EM documents. It is intended to create a 3D parameterized cell for Gull-Wing lead(s) for 3D EM analysis. See “Using 3D EM Elements ” for details on using 3D pCells with Cadence® AWR® Analyst™ 3D FEM EM analysis software.



Name Description Unit Type Default
ID Element ID Text IC1
N Number of leads   1
W Lead width Length W[1]
T Lead thickness Length W[1]
L1 Length of lower section Length L[1]
L2 Length of footprint of intermediate section Length L[1]
L3 Length of upper section Length L[1]
S Lead pitch Length L[1]
D Distance between lead rows Length 0 um
Rho Lead metal bulk resistivity relative to gold   Rho[1]

[1] User-modifiable default. Modify by editing under $DEFAULT_VALUES in the default.lpf file in the root installation directory. See the AWR Microwave Office Layout Guide for details.

Parameter Details

N. Parameter N specifies the number of leads at one side of a package. If D>0 and a mirrored set of leads is used, the total number of leads is 2N.

S. Parameter S specifies lead pitch equal to the distance between the central lines of adjacent leads (see the "Topology" section).

D. When greater than 0, parameter D adds a second set of N leads, mirroring the first set, and specifies the distance between the ends of upper sections on opposite leads (see the "Topology" section). When D is less than or equal to 0, there are only N leads.”.

Parameter Restrictions and Recommendations

  1. The distance between lead rows D can be positive, negative, or zero. If D is negative or zero, the 3D cell draws only one row of leads; if D is positive, the 3D cell draws two rows of leads separated by distance D.

  2. Parameter L2 can be either positive or zero.

  3. Parameter T has a lower limit of 0.1 micron.


The layout for this cell has hard-coded model layers. When you first use this layout cell, a layer named "GWlead" is added to your drawing layer and model layer list (if they are not already there). Using the model layer mapping, you can assign these layers to draw on any drawing layer. This element is not visible in any 3D layout view other than that of a 3D EM structure.

3D EM Layout

This element has a layout cell specifically for Analyst 3D EM layouts. See “Using 3D EM Elements ” for details on using 3D pCells with Analyst software.

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