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Models and Model Blocks

For most models in the Cadence® AWR Design Environment® software, you define the model parameters directly for each model. One element can also get model parameters from another element. A good example is transmission line models where you define the geometry of the model and then point to a substrate block. In this manner, the substrate parameters are only defined once, not per block.

You can use the same approach for some nonlinear models. In the model library, for some nonlinear models, there are three different choices for the same model as shown in the following figure for the BSIM3 model.

The element name by itself is the model with all the model parameters defined directly on the element.

The element name ending with a "d" is the model block element. This block is used only to define the element parameters. This element has no nodes since it is not wired into the schematic.

The element name ending with a "m" is the model instance element. This block is used to define parameters specific to the instance and has a parameter for the name of the model block instance.

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