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Flat Wire Ribbon (Closed Form): Ribbon




Name Description Unit Type Default
ID Element ID Text IC1
L Ribbon length Length 0 um
W Ribbon width Length 0 um
T Ribbon thickness Length 0 um
Rho Metal resistivity relative to gold   0

Implementation Details

This circuit component models a length of conductor having a rectangular cross section. The model is implemented as a lumped element series inductor and resistor whose values are derived from the dimensions and resistivity of the wire.


0.01 ≥W/T≥100 Recommended Rho > 0 Recommended
0.005 ≥W/T≥200 Required L/λo ≤0.2 Recommended

Limitations on 3D EM pcell parameters RotAng and ShiftZ: Both RotAng and ShiftZ must be greater than or equal to zero. This pCell automatically changes the sign of negative RotAng and ShiftZ. Do not use high RotAng values that make the upper tip of the ribbon almost horizontal-- this may cause visual distortion. Cadence® recommends keeping RotAng below 60-65 degrees.

Recommendations for Use

Discontinuity models function most accurately when attached to lines that match their corresponding edges. Directly connecting discontinuity models to one another reduces their accuracy.


The layout for this cell has hard-coded model layers. When you first use this layout cell, a layer named "Ribbon" is added to your drawing layer and model layer list (if they are not already there). Using the model layer mapping, you can assign these layers to draw on any drawing layer. The via is drawn the size of the "D1" parameter.

3D EM Layout

This element has a layout cell specifically for Analyst 3D EM layouts. See “Using 3D EM Elements ” for details on using 3D pCells with Cadence® AWR® Analyst™ 3D FEM EM analysis software software.

This model has several layout-only parameters that control how the 3D pCell draws. You access these parameters by selecting the item in the layout, right-clicking and choosing Shape Properties to display the Cell Options dialog box, then clicking the Parameters tab.

Name Value Units Description
H 0 Layout If H <=0 then the height of the midpoint of the ribbon is L/2, otherwise this height is the value entered.
ShiftZ 0 Layout Defines z-displacement of wire above substrate (ShiftZ≥0)
RotAng 0 Layout Defines angle of wire rotation (RotAng≥0)
Nd 7 Layout Number of drawing points


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