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RFIC Three-Layer Substrate Definition: MRFSUB



MRFSUB provides a stratified substrate definition suitable for typical RFIC applications. MRFSUB is used by several RFIC schematic elements like FM1LIN, FM2CLIN, FMOCIND, FMRIND, FMCIND and FMLINX. Substrates specify parameters of three layers: two upper insulating layers (like passivation and oxide) and a third (optionally conducting) layer (like silicon or GaAs).



Name Description Unit Type Default
Er1 Relative dielectric constant of top layer   Er[1]
Er2 Relative dielectric constant of middle layer   Er[1]
Er3 Relative dielectric constant of bottom layer   Er[1]
Tand1 Loss tangents of top layer   0
Tand2 Loss tangents of middle layer   0
Tand3 Loss tangents of bottom layer   0
Sig3 Bulk conductance of bottom layer Conductance in Siemens/m 0
H1 Heights of top layer Length H[1]
H2 Heights of middle layer Length H[1]
H3 Heights of bottom layer Length H[1]
T Conductor(s) thickness Length T[1]
Rho Metal bulk resistivity relative to gold   1
Name Substrate name Text MRFSUB1[2]

[1] User-modifiable default. Modify by editing under $DEFAULT_VALUES in the default.lpf file in the root installation directory. See the AWR Microwave Office Layout Guide for details.

[2] Modify only if schematic contains multiple substrates. See “Using Elements With Model Blocks” for details.

Parameter Restrictions and Recommendations

T, H1. A model that uses MRFSUB usually places the conductor on top of layer 2 and checks if H1>T. Models that use MRFSUB supply a conductor width W.


This element does not have an assigned layout cell. You can assign artwork cells to any element. See “Assigning Artwork Cells to Layout of Schematic Elements” for details.

Recommendations for Use

MRFSUB must either be present on the schematics that contain elements using MRFSUB, or be placed in the Global Definitions window. In the latter case, models using a global definition of MRFSUB must refer to it explicitly.

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