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(Obsolete) SPICE Level 2 P MOSFET Model: MOSP2



There is no replacement for this OBSOLETE element.


Name Description Unit Type Default
ID Device ID Text M2P3
L Gate length um 100
W Gate width um 100
AS Source diffusion bottom area m^2   0
AD Drain diffusion bottom area, m^2   0
PS Source diffusion perimeter um 0
PD Drain diffusion perimeter um 0
NRD Number of squares in drain area (for RD)   0
NRS Number of squares in source are (for RS)   0
Delta Narrow width factor to adjust threshold   0
VMAX Maximum carrier drift velocity   0
NEFF Total channel charge coefficient   1
XJ Metallurgical junction depth   1e-6
UCRIT Critical electric field for mobility   1000
UTRA Transverse field coefficient   0
UEXP Exponential coefficient for mobility   0
NFLAG Noise Model   Spice Model
*VTO Threshold voltage at zero bias V -0.13388
*KP Transconductance parameter   2e-5
*GAMMA Bulk-effect parameter   0.5273
*PHI Surface potential V 0.57984
*LAMBDA Channel-length modulation parameter   0
*RD Drain resistance ohm 0.001
*RS Source resistance ohm 0.001
*CBD Bulk-drain capacitance at zero bias pF 0
*CBS Bulk-source capacitance at zero bias pF 0
*PB Bulk junction built-in voltage V 0.8
*IS Bulk junction current parameter mA 1e-11
*CGSO Gate-source overlap capacitance per meter of gate width pF 0
*CGDO Gate-drain overlap capacitance per meter of gate width pF 0
*CGBO Gate-bulk overlap capacitance per meter of gate width pF 0
*RSH Drain&Source diffusion sheet resistance ohm 0.001
*CJ Bulk bottom capacitance per square meter at zero bias pF 0
*MJ Bulk junction grading parameter   0.5
*CJSW Bulk junction periphery capacitance per meter at zero bias pF 0
*MJSW Bulk junction periphery capacitance grading parameter   0.33
*JS Bulk junction saturation current per square meter mA 0
*TOX Oxide thickness um 0.1
*NSUB Bulk doping density (cm^-3)   1e15
*NSS Surface state density (cm^-2)   0
*TPG Gate material flag; metal=0, same=-1, diff-+1   1
*LD Lateral diffusion length um 0
*WD Lateral diffusion length along width um 0
*UO Mobility (cm^2/v*s); must not be zero if TOX=0   250
*FC Depletion capacitance linearization parameter   0.5
*TYPE (Not implemented)   PMOS
*RG Gate resistance ohm 0.001
*RDS Drain-source resistance ohm 100000000
*N Bulk PN ideality factor   1
*TT Bulk PN storage time ns 0
*TNOM Parameter extraction temperature Degc 26.85
*TEMP Device temperature DegC 26.85
*ER Substrate dielectric constant   11.7
*EQX Oxide dielectric constant   3.9
*NI Substrate intrinsic carrier concentration (cm^-3)   14500000000
*KF Drain flicker (1/f) noise coefficient   0
*AF Drain flicker (1/f) noise exponential term   1
*FFE Drain flicker (1/f) noise frequency exponent   1

* indicates a secondary parameter


This element does not have an assigned layout cell. You can assign artwork cells to any element. See “Assigning Artwork Cells to Layout of Schematic Elements” for details.

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