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Current Meter: I_METER2



I_METER2 measures the current through pins 1 and 2 and sets the voltage of the 3rd pin equal to the measured current. I_METER2 is equivalent to an ideal current-controlled voltage source with zero input and output resistances and unity gain. This element is useful in transient co-simulation that is modeled in Cadence® AWR® Visual System Simulator™ (VSS) communications and radar systems design software using the NL_S_ENV system block. The output signals of the NL_S_ENV block are the port voltages of the selected ports in the circuit schematic. To make a circuit schematic current available as a signal in the system simulation, it can be measured using I_METER2, and the 3rd pin should be connected to an output port. The port impedance does not load the circuit being measured.


Name Description Unit Type Default
ID Current meter name Text IM1


This element uses a special layout cell for a short circuit. The layout cell allows the elements connected on either side of the element to look through this element. For example, when a MLIN is hooked to a TFCM (capacitor) model and the project has bridge code configured, the line draws the proper interconnect between the line and the cap. If this element is placed between the line and the cap, the layout still draws the same.

You typically do not assign artwork cells to these items.

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