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Current Meter: I_METER



Name Description Unit Type Default
ID Current meter name Text AMP1

Implementation Details

When this current meter is inserted into a circuit path it measures the total current through the meter which is a sum of the DC, and forward- and reverse-traveling current. You can use I_METER with Itime and Iharm measurements (see “Time Domain Current: Itime ” and “Frequency Domain Current: Iharm ”), as well as other Nonlinear Current measurements.


This element uses a special layout cell for a short circuit. The layout cell allows the elements connected on either side of the element to look through this element. For example, when a MLIN is hooked to a TFCM (capacitor) model and the project has bridge code configured, the line draws the proper interconnect between the line and the cap. If this element is placed between the line and the cap, the layout still draws the same.

You typically do not assign artwork cells to these items.

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