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AWR Microwave Office Element Catalog

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Table of Contents

About This Book
Additional Documentation
Typographical Conventions
Getting On-Line Help
3D EM Elements
Air Coil With Centered Axial Leads: AIRCOIL1
Air Coil With Offset Axial Leads: AIRCOIL2
Air Coil With Opposed Leads: AIRCOIL3
Air Coil With Radial Leads: AIRCOIL4
Air Coil With Centered Radial Leads: AIRCOIL5
Coaxial Line: COAX3D
Copper Pillar Bump with Tin Cap: CU_PILLAR
Dielectric Cylinder Resonator: CYL_RESON
Dielectric Disk Resonator: DISK_RESON
Dielectric Cover/Air Pocket: GLOBTOP
MMIC Substrate with Bond Pads: MMIC_3D
IC Conductive Pedestal: PEDESTAL
Configurable SMA Connector: SMACONFIG
Solder Trace: SOLDER_BLOB
Solder Joint Fillet: SOLDER_FILLET
APLAC Ibis: Ibis_AP
APLAC Josephson Junction: JJ_AP
(Obsolete) Coplanar Line (EM Quasi-Static): CPW1LIN
Coplanar Line (EM Quasi-Static): CPW1LINE
(Obsolete) 2 Coupled Coplanar Lines (EM Quasi-Static): CPW2LIN
2 Asymmetric Coupled Lines (EM Quasi-Static): CPW2LINA
2 Coupled Lines (EM Quasi-Static): CPW2LINE
(Obsolete) 3 Coupled Coplanar Lines (EM Quasi-Static): CPW3LIN
3 Asymmetric Coupled Lines (EM Quasi-Static): CPW3LINA
Coplanar Air Bridge (EM-Based): CPWABRGX
Asymmetric Coplanar Line (EM Quasi-Static): CPWALINE
Coplanar 90-Degree Bend (EM Based): CPWBENDX
Coplanar Open, with Ground Connected (Closed Form): CPWEG
Coplanar Gap in Center Conductor (Closed Form): CPWGAP
Coplanar Waveguide Interdigital Capacitor (Aggregate): CPWICAP
(Obsolete) Coplanar Waveguide Line (Closed Form): CPWLIN
Coplanar Line (Closed Form): CPWLINE
Single Conductor Coplanar Line (EM Based Quasi-Static): CPWLINX
Coplanar Open, with Ground Not Connected (Closed Form): CPWOC
Rectangular CPW Inductor with AirBridge/Underpass (EM Quasi-Static): CPWRINDB
CPW Coplanar Shorted End Effect (Closed Form): CPWSC
Coplanar Tapered Line (Closed Form): CPWTAPER
Symmetric Coplanar T-Junction (EM Based): CPWTEEX
CPW Thin Film Resistor for MMIC (Closed Form): CPWTFRM
2 Asymmetric Coupled Coplanar Lines on Multilayer Substrate (EM Quasi-Static): GCPW2LNA
Coplanar Asymmetric Line on Multilayer Substrate (EM Quasi-Static): GCPWALIN
2 Asymmetric Broadside Coupled Coplanar Lines on Multilayer Substrate (EM Quasi-Static): GCPWBCGG
Lower CPW Broadside Coupled to Upper Microstrip Line on Multilayer Substrate (EM Quasi-Static): GCPWBCGD
Upper CPW Broadside Coupled to Lower Microstrip Line on Multilayer Substrate (EM Quasi-Static): GCPWBCGU
Two-Port ABCD (Chain) Parameter Block: ABCD_BLK
General Admittance Element (Closed Form): ADMIT
Amplifier Block (Closed Form): AMP
Attenuator (Closed Form): ATTEN
Balun, Balanced to Unbalanced Ferrite Core (Closed Form): BALUN1
Balun, Balanced to Unbalanced Ferrite Sleeve (Closed Form): BALUN2
Balun, Marchand Balanced to Unbalanced Transformer: BALUN3
Ideal Bias Tee (Closed Form): BIASTEE
Butterworth Bandpass Filter: BPFB
Chebyshev Bandpass Filter: BPFC
Generalized Chebyshev Bandpass Filter (Closed Form): BPFCG
Bessel Bandpass Filter-Maximally Flat Delay: BPFD
Elliptic-Function Bandpass Filter (Closed Form): BPFE
Gaussian Bandpass Filter (Closed Form): BPFG
Raised-Cosine Bandpass Filter (Closed Form): BPFRC
Butterworth BandStop Filter: BSFB
Chebyshev Bandstop Filter: BSFC
Generalized Chebyshev Bandstop Filter (Closed Form): BSFCG
Bessel Bandstop Filter, Maximally Flat Delay: BSFD
Elliptic-Function Bandstop Filter (Closed Form): BSFE
Gaussian Bandstop Filter (Closed Form): BSFG
Raised-Cosine Bandstop Filter (Closed Form): BSFRC
Circulator (Closed Form): CIRC
Linear Delay Element (Closed Form): DELAY
Linear Delay Element 2 (Closed Form): DELAY2
Digital Attenuator (Closed Form): DGATTEN
Ideal Digital Time Delay, Reciprocal (Closed Form): DGDELAY
Digital Phase Shift Element, Non-Reciprocal (Closed Form): DGPHASE
180-Degree Hybrid (Closed Form): DHYB
Ideal Frequency Diplexer (Closed Form): DIPLEXF
Butterworth Distributed Lowpass Filter: DLPFB
Chebyshev Distributed Lowpass Filter: DLPFC
Bessel Distributed Lowpass Filter: DLPFD
Gaussian Distributed Lowpass Filter (Closed Form): DLPFG
(Obsolete) Differentiator (Closed Form): DVDT
(Obsolete) Differentiator With Gain (Closed Form): DVDTA
Differentiator with Gain and Output Resistance (Closed Form): DVDTB
Ideal Envelope Detector: ENVDET
Frequency Multiplier (System): FMULT
Gain Block (Closed Form): GAIN
Gyrator (Closed Form): GYR8R
Harmonic Balance Lossless Tuner (Closed Form): HBTUNER
Harmonic Balance Lossless Tuner with Bias Tee (Closed Form): HBTUNER2
Harmonic Balance Lossless Tuner with Bias Tee with N Harmonics (Closed Form): HBTUNER3
Butterworth Highpass Filter: HPFB
Chebyshev Highpass Filter: HPFC
Generalized Chebyshev Highpass Filter: HPFCG
Bessel Highpass Filter: HPFD
Elliptic-Function Highpass Filter (Closed Form): HPFE
Gaussian Highpass Filter (Closed Form): HPFG
Raised-Cosine Highpass Filter (Closed Form): HPFRC
General Impedance Element (Closed Form): IMPED
Isolator (Closed Form): ISOL8R
(Obsolete) Load Pull model (APLAC only): LOADPULL
Butterworth Lowpass Filter: LPFB
Chebyshev Lowpass Filter (Closed Form): LPFC
Generalized Chebyshev Lowpass Filter (Closed Form): LPFCG
Bessel Lowpass Filter: LPFD
Elliptic-Function Lowpass Filter (Closed Form): LPFE
Gaussian Lowpass Filter (Closed Form): LPFG
Raised-Cosine Lowpass Filter (Closed Form): LPFRC
Lossless Multi-Frequency Tuner (Closed Form): LPTUNER
Lossless Multi-Frequency Tuner (Closed Form): LPTUNER2
Simple Lossless Tuner LTUNER (Closed Form): LTUNER
Simple Lossless Tuner with Bias Tee (Closed Form): LTUNER2
System Model for a Mixer (Closed Form): MIXER
Mixed-Mode Converter (Closed Form): MMCONV
Butterworth Narrowband Bandpass Filter: NBPFB
Chebyshev Narrowband Bandpass Filter (Closed Form): NBPFC
Generalized Chebyshev Narrowband Bandpass Filter (Closed Form): NBPFCG
Bessel Narrowhead Bandpass Filter: NBPFD
Elliptic-Function Narrowband Bandpass Filter (Closed Form): NBPFE
Gaussian Narrowband Bandpass Filter (Closed Form): NBPFG
Raised-Cosine Narrowband Bandpass Filter (Closed Form): NBPFRC
N Port Negation Element (Closed Form): NEG
1 Port Negation Element (Closed Form): NEG1
(Obsolete) 2-Port Negation Element (Closed Form): NEG2
(Obsolete) 4 Port Negation Element (Closed Form): NEG4
Nonlinear Amplifier System Model (Closed Form): NL_AMP
Nonlinear Amplifier System Model (Closed Form): NL_AMP2
N-Port S-Parameter Block (from file): NPORT_F
Generalized MDIF N-Port Model (from file): NPORT_F_MDIF
Opamp (Closed Form): OPAMP
Open-circuited Stub Resonator: OST
Short-circuited Stub Resonator in Parallel with Capacitor: PCS
Phase Shift, NonReciprocal (Closed Form): PHASE
Phase Shift, Reciprocal (Closed Form): PHASE2
Open-circuited Stub Resonator in Parallel with Inductor: PLO
Open-circuited and Short-circuited Stub Resonators Connected in Parallel: PSR
(Obsolete) Quadrature Hybrid (Closed Form): QHYB
Quadrature Hybrid (Closed Form): QHYB2
Butterworth Quasi-Lowpass Filter: QLPFB
Chebyshev Quasi-Lowpass Filter: QLPFC
Bessel Quasi-Lowpass Filter: QLPFD
Gaussian Quasi-Lowpass Filter (Closed Form): QLPFG
Raised-Cosine Quasi-Lowpass Filter (Closed Form): QLPFRC
Two-Port S-Parameter Block: S2P_BLK
Four-Port S-Parameter Block: S4P_BLK
Short-circuited Stub Resonator in Series with Capacitor: SCS
Open-circuited Stub Resonator in Series with Inductor: SLO
2-Port Negation Based on Short-Open Calibration for De-embedding (Closed Form): SOC_DEMB
Ideal Single Pole Double Throw Switch (Closed Form): SPDT
2-Way Power Splitter (Closed Form): SPLIT2
3-Way Power Splitter (Closed Form): SPLIT3
Ideal Transformer for Converting a Single-ended Source to a Two-terminal Source: SRC_CONV
Open-circuited and Short-circuited Stub Resonators Connected in Series: SSR
Short-circuited Stub Resonator: SST
Ideal Transformer Using Ymatrix Implementation: XFMR
Physical Transformer: XFMRP
Ideal Transformer with Center Tap (Closed Form): XFMRTAP; XFMRTAP2
Ideal Transformer with Center Tap (with Finite Inductance and Leakage): XFMRTAP3
Nonlinear Behavioral Model Compatible with Agilent’s X-parameters® (from file): XPARAM
Transmission Line Transformer on Ferrite Core (Closed Form): XFERTL1
Transmission Line Transformer in Ferrite Sleeve (Closed Form): XFERTL2
Three-Layer Model of Ball Grid Array (BGA): BGA
Bond Wire Model (EIA/JEDEC Standard No. 59): BWIRES
Multilevel Bond Wire Model (EIA/JEDEC Standard No. 59): BWIRES2
Multilevel Bond Wire Model (User Defined Shape): BWIRES3
Multilevel Bond Wire Model (Arrays of User-defined N-segment Shapes): BWIRES3ARRAY
Multilevel Bond Wire Model (User-defined Multisegment Shapes with Varying Number of Segments): BWIRES4
Ground (Closed Form): GND
Ribbon Wire Ground Strap (Closed Form): Gnd_Strap
Flat Bent Package Lead "Gull-Wing" (Closed Form): GWLEAD
Named Connector: NCONN
Open Circuit (Closed Form): OPEN
Flat Wire Ribbon (Closed Form): Ribbon
2-Node Short Circuit (Closed Form): SHORT
Thermal Node Identifier: TNODE
Tapered Via Hole (Closed Form): TVIA
Cylindrical Via (Closed Form): VIA
Cylindrical One Port Via (Closed Form): VIA1P
Single Via in Multilayer Board: VIAM
Multiport Single Via in Multilayer Board: VIAM2
Multilayer PCB Via with Multiple Connections: VIAM3
Lump Coupling between Vias in Multilayer Board: VIAMC
Differential Vias in Multilayer Board: VIAMD
Round Wire Inductor (Closed Form): WIRE
Round Bond Wire Over Substrate: WIRE1
Round Bond Wire or Ribbon Over Substrate with Optional Cover: WIRE1C
Round Bond Wire Over Substrate: WIRE2
Linear Devices
Bipolar Transistor (Closed Form): BIP
Bipolar Transistor Beta Controlled (Closed Form): BIPB
Field Effect Transistor (Closed Form): FET
Hybrid-Pi Bipolar Transistor (Closed Form): HYBPI
Pin Diode Chip Model (Closed Form): PIN
Pin Diode Packaged Model (Closed Form): PIN2
Lumped Element
Flat Circular Spiral Wire Inductor: AIRIND
Capacitor (Closed Form): CAP
Capacitor with Frequency-dependent Capacitance, Parasitic and Loss: CAPQP
Capacitor with Q (Closed Form): CAPQ
Coilcraft Inductor (Closed Form): CCIND
Coilcraft Power Chip Inductor (Closed Form): CCIND2
Chip Capacitor - 3D EM Cell (Closed Form): CHCAP_EM
Multiplate Chip Capacitor - 3D EM Cell: CHCAP2_EM
Chip Capacitor (Closed Form): CHIPCAP
Advanced Chip Capacitor Model (Closed Form): CHIPCAP2
Simple Chip Capacitor (Closed Form): CHIPCAPS
Toroidal Coil Inductor (Closed Form): CIND
Air Wound Coil: COIL
Crystal Resonator (Closed Form): CRYSTAL
Pair of Coupled Circular Wire Solenoids: CSOLIND
Inductor (Closed Form): IND
Inductor with Optional Coupling (Closed Form): INDK
Mutual Inductance (Closed Form): INDM
Inductor With Q (Closed Form): INDQ
Inductor With Q (Closed Form): INDQ2
Inductor with Frequency-dependent Inductance, Parasitic and Loss: INDQP
Inductor with Series Resistive Loss and Optional Coupling (Closed Form): INDRK
Mutual Inductance with Resistive Loss (Closed Form): INDRM
Inductor Coupling Coefficient (Closed Form): K
Grounded Resistor (Closed Form): LOAD
Mutually Coupled Coils 10 Inductors: MUC10
Mutually Coupled Coils 2 Inductors (Closed Form): MUC2
(Obsolete) Lossless Mutually Coupled Coils, 2 Inductors (Closed Form): MUC2_M
Mutually Coupled Coils 3 Inductors (Closed Form): MUC3
Mutually Coupled Coils 4 Inductors (Closed Form): MUC4
Mutually Coupled Coils 5 Inductors (Closed Form): MUC5
Mutually Coupled Coils 6 Inductors (Closed Form): MUC6
Mutually Coupled Coils 7 Inductors (Closed Form): MUC7
Mutually Coupled Coils 8 Inductors (Closed Form): MUC8
Mutually Coupled Coils 9 Inductors (Closed Form): MUC9
Mutually Coupled Coils: N Inductors (Closed Form): MUCN
Resistive Pi-Pad (Closed Form): PIPAD
Parallel LC (Closed Form): PLC
Parallel LC with Q (Closed Form): PLCQ
Parallel RC (Closed Form): PRC
Parallel RL (Closed Form): PRL
Parallel RLC (Closed Form): PRLC
Resistor (Closed Form): RES
Resistance With Noise Temperature: REST
Series LC (Closed Form): SLC
Series LC with Q (Closed Form): SLCQ
Circular Wire Solenoid: SOLIND
Series RC (Closed Form): SRC
Series RL (Closed Form): SRL
Series RLC (Closed Form): SRLC
Resistive T-Pad (Closed Form): TEEPAD
Thin Film Capacitor (Closed Form): TFC
Idealized Admittance Inverter: YINV
Complex Frequency Dependent Resistor (Closed Form): ZFREQ
Idealized Impedance Inverter: ZINV
Measurement Devices
Dual Power Sampler (Closed Form): DPWRSMP
(Obsolete) Gamma Probe (Closed Form): GPROBE
Gamma Probe (Closed Form): GPROBE2
(Obsolete) Modified Gamma Probe (Closed Form): GPROBEM
Current Meter: I_METER
Current Meter: I_METER2
DC Current/Voltage Curve Tracer: IVCURVE
DC Current Driven Curve Tracer: IVCURVEI
Measurement Probe: M_PROBE
Analyze Nonlinear Noise: NLNOISE
Analyze Nonlinear Stability Properties: NLSTABILITY
Oscillator Analysis Probe: OSCAPROBE
Analyze Oscillator Noise: OSCNOISE
Oscillator Open-Loop Test Element (Closed Form): OSCTEST
Oscillator Open-Loop Element Differential Excitation: OSCTEST2
(Obsolete) Oscillator Tuning Probe: OSCTPROBE
General Power Meter (3-port): P_METER3
Power Sampler (Closed Form): PWRSMP
Stability Probe: STAB_PROBE
Voltage Meter: V_METER
Voltage Meter: V_METER2
Noise Voltage Meter: V_NSMTR
Voltage Probe: V_PROBE
Airbridge with Optional Insulating Layer (Closed Form): ABRIDGE
Microstrip Rectangular Differential Inductor (EM Quasi-Static): DIFRIND
RFIC Microstrip Line (FEM Quasi-Static): FM1LIN
2 RFIC Coupled Microstrip Lines (FEM Quasi-Static): FM2CLIN
(Obsolete) Circular Spiral RFIC Microstrip Inductor (FEM Quasi-Static): FMCIND
Circular Spiral RFIC Inductor (FEM Quasi-Static): FMCIND2
Microstrip Line with Extended Range of Design Parameters (FEM Quasi-Static): FMLINX
(Obsolete) Octagonal Spiral RFIC Microstrip Inductor (FEM Quasi-Static): FMOCIND
Octagonal Spiral RFIC Inductor (FEM Quasi-Static): FMOCIND2
(Obsolete) Rectangular Spiral RFIC Microstrip Inductor (FEM Quasi-Static): FMRIND
Rectangular Spiral RFIC Inductor (FEM Quasi-Static): FMRIND2
General Multilayer Conducting Substrate Coupled Lines (FEM Quasi-Static): GFMCLIN
Single Line on General Multilayer Substrate (EM Quasi-Static): GM1LIN
Multiple Coupled Lines on General Multilayer Substrate (Dynamic Model) (EM Quasi-Static): GMCLIN
Asymmetric Tapped Multiple Coupled Lines on General Multilayer Substrate (Dynamic Model) (EM Quasi-Static): GMCLINAT
Symmetric Tapped Multiple Coupled Lines on General Multilayer Substrate (Dynamic Model) (EM Quasi-Static): GMCLINST
Multiple Coupled Lines on General Multilayer Substrate (n=2 to 16) (EM Quasi-Static): GMnCLIN
Lange Coupler Manifold (Static Solution): LMAN
2 Coupled Microstrip Lines (EM Quasi-Static): M2CLIN
Asymmetric Edge Coupled Microstrip Lines (Closed Form): MACLIN
(Obsolete) Microstrip Bend Mitered Arbitrary Angle (Closed Form): MBEND
(Obsolete) Microstrip Bend Mitered 50% Mitered 90deg Bend (Closed Form): MBEND2
(Obsolete) Microstrip Bend Optimally Mitered 90deg (Closed Form): MBEND3
Microstrip Bend Mitered 90deg (EM Based): MBEND90X
Microstrip Bend Optimally Mitered Arbitrary Angle (Closed Form): MBENDA
(Obsolete) Microstrip Bend Unmitered 90deg (Closed Form): MBENDR
Microstrip Bend, Unmitered 90deg, Unequal Widths (EM Based): MBENDRWX
Microstrip Branch-Line Coupler (Aggregate): MBLCOUP
Coupled Microstrip Line Section for Filters (Closed Form): MCFIL
Circular Microstrip Inductor Without Bridge: MCINDN
Circular Microstrip Inductor With Strip Bridge (EM Quasi-Static): MCINDS
Symmetric Edge Coupled Microstrip Lines (Closed Form): MCLIN
Microstrip Cross - Junction (Closed Form): MCROSS
Microstrip Cross - Junction (Closed Form): MCROSS2
Microstrip Cross Junction (Closed Form): MCROSSX
Meander Microstrip Line with Radiused Corners: MCTRACE
Microstrip Radiused Corner (Closed Form): MCURVE
Curved Microstrip Bend (EM Mode-Matching): MCURVE2
Multitrace Curved Coupled Microstrip Bend (Average-potential Method): MCURVEN
(Obsolete) Microstrip Radial Stub Double Shunt (Closed Form): MDRSTUB
Radial Stub, Double Shunt (Closed Form): MDRSTUB2
2 Embedded Edge Coupled Microstrip Lines (EM Quasi-Static): MEM2LIN
Embedded Microstrip Line (EM Quasi-Static): MEMLIN
(Obsolete) Microstrip Gap in Conductor (Closed Form): MGAP
Microstrip Gap (EM Quasi-Static): MGAP2
Microstrip Gap (EM Based): MGAPX
Inverted Microstrip Line (EM Quasi-Static): MI1LIN
2 Inverted Edge Coupled Microstrip Lines (EM Quasi-Static): MI2CLIN
Microstrip Interdigital Capacitor (Aggregate): MICAP
Microstrip Interdigital Capacitor with Optional Cover (Aggregate): MICAPC
Microstrip Interdigital Capacitor, (No Steps at Ports) (EM Quasi-Static): MICAP1
Microstrip Interdigital Capacitor with Optional Cover, (No Steps at Ports) (EM Quasi-Static): MICAP1C
Microstrip Interdigital Capacitor, (Step at Port 1, No Step at Port 2) (EM Quasi-Static): MICAP2
Microstrip Interdigital Capacitor with Optional Cover, (Step at Port 1, No Step at Port 2) (EM Quasi-Static): MICAP2C
Microstrip Interdigital Capacitor: MICAP3
Microstrip Lange Coupler (Closed Form): MLANG
(Obsolete) Microstrip Lange Coupler (Closed Form): MLANGE
(Obsolete) Microstrip Lange Coupler (EM Quasi-Static): MLANGE1
Microstrip Lange Coupler (EM Quasi-Static): MLANGE2
Microstrip Lange Coupler with Optional Cover(EM Quasi-Static): MLANGE2C
Open Microstrip Line With End Effect (Closed Form): MLEF
Open Microstrip Line with End Effect (EM Base): MLEFX
Microstrip Line (Closed Form): MLIN
(Obsolete) Open Microstrip Line Without End Effect (Closed Form): MLOC
Shorted Microstrip Line without End Effect (Closed Form): MLSC
2-Layer (Protective Layer/Substrate) Microstrip Line (EM Quasi-Static): MM1LIN
2 Two-layer Edge (Protective Layer/Substrate) Coupled Microstrip Lines (EM Quasi-Static): MM2CLIN
2 Two-Layer Broadside Coupled Microstrip Lines (EM Quasi-Static): MMBCPL
Radial Stub on Multilayer Substrate, Double Shunt (EM Quasi-Static): MMDRSTUB
Microstrip Gap on Multilayer Substrate (Static Solution): MMGAP
Microstrip Interdigital Capacitor on Multilayer Substrate (Aggregate): MMICAP
Microstrip Radial Stub Series on Multilayer Substrate (EM Quasi-Static): MMRSTUB
Microstrip Radial Stub Shunt on Multilayer Substrate (EM Quasi-Static): MMSRSTUB
Tapered Microstrip Line on Multilayer Substrate (EM Quasi-Static): MMTAPER
Multiple Edge Coupled Microstrip Lines (EM Quasi-Static): MNCLIN
Multiple Edge Coupled Microstrip Lines with Optional Cover (EM Quasi-Static): MNCLINC
Octagonal Spiral Inductor (Average Potential Method): MOCTIND
Microstrip Open Circuit with End Effect (Closed Form): MOPEN
Microstrip Open End Effect (EM Base): MOPENX
Rectangular Microstrip Inductor without Airbridge/Underpass (EM Quasi-Static): MRINDNB2
Rectangular Microstrip Inductor without Airbridge/Underpass with Optional Cover (EM Quasi-Static): MRINDNBC
Rectangular Microstrip Inductor without Bridge (EM Quasi-Static): MRINDNBR
(Obsolete) Rectangular Microstrip Inductor with Strip Bridge (EM Quasi-Static): MRINDSB2
Rectangular Microstrip Inductor with Strip Bridge (EM Quasi-Static): MRINDSB3
Rectangular Microstrip Inductor with Strip Bridge and Optional Cover (EM Quasi-Static): MRINDSBC
Rectangular Microstrip Inductor Strip Bridge (EM Quasi-Static): MRINDSBR
Rectangular Microstrip Inductor with Wire Bridge (EM Quasi-Static): MRINDWBR
(Obsolete) Microstrip Rat-Race Coupler (Aggregate): MRRCOUP
Microstrip Rat-Race Coupler (Aggregate): MRRCOUP2
(Obsolete) Microstrip Radial Stub Series (Closed Form): MRSTUB
(Obsolete) Microstrip Radial Stub Series (Closed Form): MRSTUB2
Microstrip Radial Stub Series (Closed Form): MRSTUB2W
Suspended Substrate Microstrip Line (EM Quasi-Static): MS1LIN
Suspended Microstrip Line (EM Quasi-Static Based): MS1LINX
2 Suspended Substrate Edge Coupled Microstrip Lines (EM Quasi-Static): MS2CLIN
2 Suspended Substrate Edge Coupled Microstrip Lines (EM Quasi-Static Based): MS2CLINX
2 Suspended Substrate Broadside Coupled Microstrip Lines (EM Quasi-Static): MSBCPL
2 Suspended Substrate Broadside Coupled Microstrip Lines (EM Quasi-Static Based): MSBCPLX
Suspended Substrate Microstrip Bend, Mitered 90deg (EM Based): MSBND90X
Suspended Substrate Microstrip Cross - Junction Bend (EM Based): MSCROSSX
Microstrip Transverse Slit (Closed Form): MSLIT
Microstrip Pair of Open Stubs: MSOP
Microstrip Open Ended Effect (EM Based): MSOPENX
(Obsolete) Microstrip Radial Stub Shunt (Closed Form): MSRSTUB
Microstrip Radial Stub Shunt (Closed Form): MSRSTUB2
Suspended Substrate Microstrip Step In Width with Offset (EM Based): MSSTEPX
Suspended Substrate Microstrip Tee - Junction (EM Based): MSTEEX
Microstrip Step in Width (Closed Form): MSTEP
(Obsolete) Microstrip Step in Width (Mode Matching): MSTEP2
(Obsolete) Offset Microstrip Step Width (Mode Matching): MSTEPO
Microstrip Step In Width Offset (EM Based): MSTEPX
Tapered Microstrip Line (Closed Form): MTAPER
Tapered Microstrip Line Synthesized to Match (Klopfenstein, Exponential, Triangular): MTAPER2
Microstrip Tee - Junction (Closed Form): MTEE
Microstrip T- Junction (EM Based): MTEEX
(Obsolete) Meander Microstrip Line (Closed Form): MTRACE
Microstrip Meander Line 2 (Closed Form): MTRACE2
Microstrip Differential Line (Closed Form): MTRACED
(Obsolete) Multi-Layer Meander Microstrip Line (Configurable): MTRACEM
U-turn (180-degrees) Microstrip Bend: MUBEND
Cylindrical One Port Via with Microstrip Pad (Closed Form): MVIA1P
Multiple Edge Coupled Microstrip Lines (EM Quasi-Static) (X=3 to 16): MXCLIN
Cross-over of Two of Orthogonal Microstrip Lines (EM Quasi-Static): MXOVER
Cross-over of Two Microstrip Lines (Static Solution): MXOVER2
Single Line on Stratified Homogeneous Substrate (EM Quasi-Static): PC1LIN
Multiple Coupled Lines on Stratified Homogeneous Substrate (n=2 to 10) (EM Quasi-Static): PCnCLIN
(Obsolete) RFIC Microstrip Line (FEM Quasi-Static): SIG1LNX
(Obsolete) RFIC Edge-Coupled Symmetric Microstrip Lines (FEM Quasi-Static): SIG2LNX
Single Shielded CMOS Line (EM Quasi-Static): SIGCMOS
Coupled Shielded CMOS Line (EM Quasi-Static): SIGCMOS2
(Obsolete) Single CMOS Microstrip Line Over Conducting Substrate (EM Based): SIGCMOSX
U-turn (180-degrees) Stripline Bend: SUBEND
Coated Microstrip Line with Trapezoidal Cross-section and Solder Mask Overlay - 3D EM Cell: TCMLIN_EM
Thin Film Capacitor with Step Discontinuity (Closed Form): TFC2
Thin Film Capacitor for MMIC: TFCM
Polygon Thin Film Capacitor for MMIC (Closed Form): TFCMP
(Obsolete) Thin Film Resistor Distributed Lossy Line Model (Closed Form): TFR
Thin Film Resistor Distributed Lossy Line Model (Closed Form): TFR2
Thin Film Resistor for MMIC (Closed Form): TFRM
Wilkinson Equal Power Split Divider Chip Resistor Aggregate: WILKE1
Wilkinson Equal Power Split Divider Thin Film Resistor Aggregate: WILKE2
Wilkinson Unequal Power Split Divider Chip Resistor Aggregate: WILKN1
Wilkinson Unequal Power Split Divider Thin Film Resistor Aggregate: WILKN2
Angelov HEMT Model: ANGELOV
Second Generation Angelov (Chalmers) Model: ANGELOV2
(Obsolete) Advanced Compatible Angelov HEMT Model: ANGELOV2C
Advanced Compatible Angelov HEMT Model: ANGELOV2C2
(Obsolete) Berkeley BSIM3V322 MOSFET ver. 3.2.2: BSIM3V322
(Obsolete) BSIM3 Ver. 3.2.2 P-Channel MOSFET Model: BSIM3V322P
Curtice FET Model (IV Only): CFET
Chalmers Heterostructure Barrier Varactor Diode Model: CHAL_HBV
(Obsolete) Curtice Cubic Nonlinear FET Model: CURTICE
Curtice Quadratic FET Model: CURTICE2
Advanced Curtice Quadratic FET Model with Noise: CURTICE2ADV
Curtice Cubic Nonlinear FET Model: CURTICE3
DC Short and RF Open: DCSHORT
Simple Diode Model: DIODE1
Physical Diode Model: DIODE2
(Obsolete) EEBJT2 Bipolar Junction Transistor Model : EEBJT2
Field Effect Transistor Noise Model (Pospieszalski’s): FETN
Fujii FET Model: FUJII
Gummel-Poon NPN BJT: GBJT
Gummel-Poon 3-Terminal NPN BJT: GBJT3
Gummel-Poon 3-Terminal PNP BJT: GBJT3_PNP
(Obsolete) UCSD HBT Model: HBT_UCSD
Anholt HBT Model: HBTRA
HICUM Level 0 BJT Model: HICUM_L0
(Obsolete) HICUM Level 2 NPN Transistor: HICUM_L2
HICUM Level 2 Version 2.22 BJT Model: HICUM_L2A
(Obsolete) HICUM Level 2 PNP Transistor: HICUM_L2_P
(Obsolete) HICUM Level 2 NPN Transistor with Self-Heating: HICUM_L2_SH
(Obsolete) HICUM Level 2 PNP Transistor with Self-Heating: HICUM_L2_SH_P
Hiroshima University STARC IGFET Model: HISIM
Hiroshima University STARC IGFET Model with High Voltage Extensions: HISIM_HV
Philips JUNCAP Model: JUNCAP
Modified Materka FET Model: MATRK
Motorola Electrothermal MOSFET Model: MET_LDMOS
Maas-Neilsen FET Model: MNFET
Philips Level 1102 MOSFET Model: MOS11
Philips Level 3100 MOSFET Model: MOS31
Philips Level 903 Geometric N MOSFET Model: MOS9
Philips Level 903 Geometric P MOSFET Model: MOS9P
(Obsolete) SPICE Level 1 N MOSFET Model: MOSN1
(Obsolete) SPICE Level 1 4-Terminal N MOSFET Model: MOSN1_4
SPICE Level 1 3-Terminal N MOSFET: MOSN1A
(Obsolete) SPICE Level 2 N MOSFET Model: MOSN2
(Obsolete) SPICE Level 2 4-Terminal N MOSFET Model: MOSN2_4
(Obsolete) SPICE Level 3 N MOSFET Model: MOSN3
(Obsolete) SPICE Level 3 4-Terminal N MOSFET Model: MOSN3_4
SPICE Level 3 3-Terminal N MOSFET: MOSN3A
(Obsolete) SPICE Level 1 P MOSFET Model: MOSP1
(Obsolete) SPICE Level 1 4-Terminal P MOSFET Model: MOSP1_4
SPICE Level 1 3-Terminal P MOSFET: MOSP1A
(Obsolete) SPICE Level 2 P MOSFET Model: MOSP2
(Obsolete) SPICE Level 2 4-Terminal P MOSFET Model: MOSP2_4
(Obsolete) Spice Level 3 P MOSFET Model: MOSP3
(Obsolete) Spice Level 3 4-terminal P MOSFET Model: MOSP3_4
SPICE Level 3 3-Terminal P MOSFET: MOSP3A
(Obsolete) Mextram 503 NPN BJT Model: MXTR503N
(Obsolete) Mextram 504 BJT Model: MXTR504
(Obsolete) Mextram 504 (Nonlinear BJT Model): MXTR504N
(Obsolete) Mextram 504 PNP BJT: MXTR504P
Mextram 504 BJT Model (504.10): MXTRM
(Obsolete) Nonlinear Capacitor: NLCAP
Nonlinear Capacitor: NLCAPA
(Obsolete) Nonlinear Inductor: NLIND
Nonlinear Inductor: NLINDA
(Obsolete) Nonlinear Resistor: NLRES
Nonlinear Resistor: NLRESA
Table-Specified Nonlinear Resistor: NLRESTAB
Caverly PIN Diode Model: PINDRC
Diode Junction Capacitance: PNCAP
Diode Junction Capacitance With Diffusion: PNDCAP
Diode Resistive Junction No Parasitics: PNIV
Diode, Noisy Resistive Junction, No Parasitics: PNIV_N
Parker-Skellern FET Model: PSFET
PSP Model Version 102.1: PSP
CMC 3-terminal Resistor Model: R3_CMC
SPICE Geometric Junction Diode Model: SDIODEG
Zhang and Raisanen Step-Recovery Diode Model: SRD_ZR
Step-Recovery Diode Model: STEPRD
TOM1 FET Model: TOM1
TOM2 FET Model: TOM2
TriQuint TX Modified Materka FET Model: TQ_MATRK
(Obsolete) VBIC95 NPN BJT Model: VBIC95N
(Obsolete) VBIC95 PNP BJT Model: VBIC95P
(Obsolete) Simple Volterra BJT Model: VBJT1
(Obsolete) Volterra PN Junction Capacitance: VCJCN
(Obsolete) Volterra Nonlinear Capacitance: VCNL
(Obsolete) Volterra Diode Model: VDIODE1
(Obsolete) Simple Volterra FET Model: VFET1
(Obsolete) Volterra Nonlinear Conductance: VGNL
(Obsolete) Volterra Diode Junction Model: VJCN
(Obsolete) Volterra Nonlinear Inductance: VLNL
Voltage Multiplier: VOLTMULT
Simple Varactor Model: VRCTR
(Obsolete) Volterra Nonlinear Controlled Current Source: VVCN
Circuit Port: PORT
Port with 1-Tone HB Source: PORT1
(Obsolete) Port with 1-Tone Volterra Source: PORT1V
Port with 2-Tone HB Source: PORT2
(Obsolete) Port with 2-Tone Volterra Source: PORT2V
Arbitrary, User-specified Bit Sequence: PORT_ARBS
Export Name Port Properties: PORT_NAME
Port with Pulse Train Signal: PORT_PLS
Pseudo-random Bit Sequence: PORT_PRBS
Port with Power Sweep/1-Tone HB Source: PORT_PS1
(Obsolete) Port with Power Sweep/1-Tone Volterra Source: PORT_PS1V
Port with Power Sweep/2-Tone HB Source: PORT_PS2
(Obsolete) Port with Power Sweep/2-Tone Volterra Source: PORT_PS2V
Port with Piecewise Linear Signal: PORT_PWL
Port with Saw Tooth Signal: PORT_SAW
Port with Square Wave Signal: PORT_SQR
Dynamic Source Port: PORT_SRC
Dynamic Source Port: PORT_SRC_ENV
Network Terminated Circuit Port: PORT_TN
Port with Triangle Wave Signal: PORT_TRI
Port with Defined Frequency/1-Tone HB Source (2nd Tone): PORTF
Port with Defined Frequency at Tone N: PORTFN
Port with Defined Frequency at Tone N (Swept Power): PORTFNS
(Obsolete) Port with Defined Frequency/1-Tone Volterra Source (2nd Tone): PORTFV
Port with Modulated Signal (Data File-based): PORTIQ_ENV
Gamma Terminated Circuit Port (50 Ohm Ref): PORTG
Port with Modulated Signal: PORTMOD
Port with Modulated Signal (Data File-based): PORTMOD_ENV
Port with Modulated Signal (Data File-Based): PORTMOD_F
Port with NPR Signal: PORTNPR
Port with Fourier-specified Signal: PORTSIG
Port with Fourier-specified Signal (Data File-based): PORTSIG_F
Port with Fourier-specified Signal (Tone N): PORTSIGF
Port with Fourier-Specified Signal (Tone N, Data File-Based): PORTSIGF_F
Simulation Control
Constant Output Power Control Block: CONSTPOUT
Document Set Definition for Measurement Source: DOC_SET
Extraction Control Block: EXTRACT
Large-Signal Small-Signal Analysis Control Block: LSSS
Defines Frequency Set to Support Multirate Harmonic Balance (APLAC Only): MRHB
Script Block for APLAC Simulations: SCRIPT
Subcircuit Caching Control Block (APLAC Only): SUBCKT_CACHE
Swept Frequency Control: SWPFRQ
Swept Variable Control: SWPVAR
Swept Variable Control for Distributed Simulation: SWPVAR_DIST
X dB Compression Point Control Block: XDB
User-defined X-axis Value Sweep: X_SWP
Dynamic AC Current Source: AC_I
Dynamic AC Current Source: AC_I_ENV
Dynamic AC Voltage Source: AC_V
Dynamic AC Voltage Source: AC_V_ENV
AC Current Source: ACCS
AC Current Source (Tone 2): ACCS2
AC Current Source (tone N): ACCSN
Swept AC Current Source (tone N): ACCSNS
Swept AC Current Source: ACCSS
AC Voltage Source: ACVS
AC Voltage Source (Tone 2): ACVS2
AC Voltage Source (tone N): ACVSN
Swept AC Voltage Source (Tone N): ACVSNS
Swept AC Voltage Source: ACVSS
Current-Controlled Current Source (Closed Form): CCCS
Current-Controlled Current Source (Ideal): CCCS_IDEAL
Current-Controlled Voltage Source (Closed Form): CCVS
Current-Controlled Voltage Source (Ideal): CCVS_IDEAL
Dynamic DC Current Source: DC_I
Dynamic DC Voltage Source: DC_V
DC Current Source: DCCS
Swept DC Current Source: DCCSS
DC Voltage Source: DCVS
Swept DC voltage source: DCVSS
Dynamic Nonlinear Voltage-Controlled Current/Voltage Source: DYN_VCCS
Dynamic Nonlinear Voltage-Controlled Charge Source: DYN_VCQS
Burst Noise Current: I_BURST
Flicker Noise Current: I_FLICK
Bias-dependent Noise Current: I_GEN
Table Specified Frequency-Dependent Spectral Density of Noise Current: I_N_TAB
Pulse Train Current Source: I_PLS
Pulse Train Current Source (Tone 2): I_PLS2
Piecewise Linear Current Source: I_PWL
Saw Wave Current Source: I_SAW
Saw Wave Current Source (Tone 2): I_SAW2
Shot Noise Current: I_SHOT
Square Wave Current Source: I_SQR
Square Wave Current Source (Tone 2): I_SQR2
Triangle Wave Current Source: I_TRI
Triangle Wave Current Source (Tone 2): I_TRI2
Two Correlated Noise Current Sources: INCOR2
Five Correlated Noise Current Sources: INCOR5
Current Noise Source: INOISE
Nonlinear Voltage-Controlled Current Source: NLVCCS
Harmonic Oscillator at the Specified Frequency (Tone N) with Phase Noise: OSC_W_PH_NOISE
SPICE Nonlinear Current-Controlled Current Source: SCCCS1
SPICE Current-Controlled Current Source poly=2: SCCCS2
SPICE Current-Controlled Voltage Source poly=1: SCCVS1
SPICE Current-Controlled Voltage Source poly=2: SCCVS2
SPICE Voltage-Controlled Current Source: SVCCS1
SPICE Voltage-Controlled Current Source poly=2: SVCCS2
SPICE Voltage-Controlled Current Source poly=3: SVCCS3
SPICE Nonlinear Voltage-Controlled Voltage Source: SVCVS1
SPICE Voltage-Controlled Voltage Source poly=2: SVCVS2
Arbitrary, User-specified Bit Sequence: V_ARBS
Jitter Voltage Source with Arbitrary, User-Specified Bit Sequence: V_JITTER
Pulse Train Voltage Source: V_PLS
Pulse Train Voltage Source (Tone 2): V_PLS2
Pseudo-random Bit Sequence: V_PRBS
Piecewise Linear Voltage Source: V_PWL
Saw Wave Voltage Source: V_SAW
Saw Wave Voltage Source (Tone 2): V_SAW2
Square Wave Voltage Source: V_SQR
Square Wave Voltage Source (Tone 2): V_SQR2
Triangle Wave Voltage Source: V_TRI
Triangle Wave Voltage Source (Tone 2): V_TRI2
Voltage-Controlled Current Source (Closed Form): VCCS
Voltage-Controlled Current Source (Ideal): VCCS_IDEAL
Voltage-Controlled Voltage Source (Closed Form): VCVS
Voltage-Controlled Voltage Source (Ideal): VCVS_IDEAL
Voltage-Controlled Voltage Source: VCVS2
Correlated Voltage and Current Noise Sources: VINCOR
Two Correlated Voltage Noise Sources: VNCOR2
Voltage Noise Source: VNOISE
Stripline (EM Quasi-Static): S1LIN
2 Edge Coupled Striplines (EM Quasi-Static): S2CLIN
2 Broadside Coupled Striplines (EM Quasi-Static): SBCPL
Stripline Bend Unmitered, Arbitrary Angle (Closed Form): SBEND
Symmetric Edge Coupled Striplines (Closed Form): SCLIN
Stripline Cross - Junction (Closed Form): SCROS
Meander Stripline with Radiused Corners (Closed Form): SCTRACE
Stripline Radius Corner, Arbitrary Angle (Closed Form): SCURVE
2 Embedded Edge Coupled Striplines (EM Quasi-Static): SEM2LIN
Embedded Stripline: SEMLIN
Stripline Gap in Conductor (Closed Form): SGAP
SGap (EM Base): SGAPX
Stripline Circular Hole in Center Conductor (Closed Form): SHOLE
Inverted Stripline (EM Quasi-Static): SI1LIN
2 Inverted Coupled Striplines (EM Quasi-Static): SI2CLIN
Stripline Interdigital Capacitor: SICAP
Stripline Interdigital Capacitor (No Steps at Ports): SICAP1
Stripline Interdigital Capacitor (Step at Port 1, No Step at Port 2): SICAP2
Open Stripline With End Effect (Closed Form): SLEF
Single Conductor Stripline (Closed Form): SLIN
(Obsolete) Open Ended Stripline without End Effect (Closed Form): SLOC
Shorted Circuited Stripline Without End Effect (Closed Form): SLSC
Stripline Bend Optimally Mitered, 90 deg (Closed Form): SMITER
Multiple Edge Coupled Striplines (EM Quasi-Static): SNCLIN
Suspended Substrate Stripline (EM Quasi-Static): SS1LIN
Unbalanced Single Stripline on Suspended Substrate (EM Based): SS1LINX
2 Suspended Substrate Edge Coupled Striplines (EM Quasi-Static): SS2CLIN
2 Suspended Substrate Edge Coupled Symmetric Striplines (EM Quasi-Static Based): SS2CLINX
2 Suspended Substrate Broadside Coupled Striplines (EM Quasi-Static Based): SSBCPLX
Suspended Substrate Stripline Bend, Mitered 90deg (EM Based): SSBND90X
Suspended Substrate Stripline Cross - Junction Bend (EM Based): SSCROSSX
Suspended Substrate Stripline Open End Effect (EM Based): SSOPENX
(Obsolete) Suspended Substrate Stripline Step In Width with Offset (EM Based): SSSTEPX
Suspended Substrate Stripline Step In Width with Offset (EM Based): SSSTEPX2
Suspended Substrate Stripline Tee (EM Based): SSTEEX
Stripline Step in Width (Closed Form): SSTEP
Stripline Step in Width (Mode Matching): SSTEP2
Stripline Offset Step in Width (Mode Matching): SSTEPO
Tapered Stripline (Closed Form): STAPER
Stripline Tee - Junction (Closed Form): STEE
Asymmetric Stripline Tee (EM Based): STEEX
Stripline Meander Line (Closed Form): STRACE
Differential Stripline (Closed Form): STRACED
Cylindrical One Port Via with Stripline Pad (Closed Form): SVIA1P
Multiple Edge Coupled Striplines (EM Quasi-Static) (X=3 to 16): SXCLIN
Coplanar Waveguide Substrate Definition: CPW_SUB
(Obsolete) Coplanar Waveguide Substrate Definition: CPWSUB
General Multilayer Substrate Definition: GMSUB
Suspended Microstrip Substrate Definition: MPSUB
RFIC Three-Layer Substrate Definition: MRFSUB
Microstrip Substrate Definition: MSUB
Two-Layer Microstrip Substrate Definition: MSUB2
Four Layer Microstrip Substrate Definition: MSUB4
Microstrip Substrate with Optional Cover Definition: MSUBC
(Obsolete) Multi-Layer Substrate Definition: NSUB
Homogeneous Stratified Substrate Definition: PCSUB
Suspended Stripline Substrates Definition: SPSUB
Balanced Stripline Substrate Definition: SSUB
Unbalanced Stripline Substrate Definition: SSUB2
Four Layer Stripline Substrate Definition: SSUB4
Two-Layer Stripline Substrate Definition: SSUBL
Three Layered Stripline Substrate Definition: SSUBT
Transmission Lines
Phase Spec: Coupled Lines (Closed Form): CLIN
Physical Spec: Coupled Lines, Grounded Shield, Improved Accuracy (Closed Form): CLINP
Physical Specification, Floating Shield (Closed Form): COAX
Electrical Specification, Grounded Shield (Closed Form): COAX2
Electrical Specification, Floating Shield (Closed Form): COAX4
Physical Specification: Floating Shield, Improved Causality (Closed Form): COAXC
Physical Length Spec, Grounded Shield (Closed Form): COAXI2
Physical Length Spec, Floating Shield (Closed Form): COAXI4
Physical Spec, Grounded Shield (Closed Form): COAXP2
Physical Spec, Floating Shield (Closed Form): COAXP4
Step in Coaxial TEM Waveguide: CSTEPIO
Multiple Coupled Lines in a Rectangular Shield (Dynamic Model) (EM Quasi-Static): RCCOAX
Multiple Slot Coupled Lines in a Rectangular Shield (Dynamic Model) (EM Quasi-Static): RCCOAX2
Two RLGC Asymmetric Coupled Transmitting Lines (Closed Form): RLGC_CTx
RLGC Transmitting Line (Closed Form): RLGC_Tx
Open Circuited RLGC Transmitting Line (Closed Form): RLGC_TxO
Open Circuited RLGC Transmitting Line with Floating Ground (Closed Form): RLGC_TxO2
RLGC Transmitting Line with Floating Ground (Closed Form): RLGC_Tx4
Short Circuited RLGC Transmitting Line (Closed Form): RLGC_TxS
Short Circuited RLGC Transmitting Line with Floating Ground (Closed Form): RLGC_TxS2
Phase Spec: Grounded Shield (Closed Form): TLIN
Phase Spec: Floating Shield (Closed Form): TLIN4
Physical Spec: Grounded Shield, Improved Accuracy (Closed Form): TLINP
Physical Spec: Floating Shield, Improved Accuracy (Closed Form): TLINP4
WaveLength Spec, Floating Shield, Improved Accuracy (Closed Form): TLINP4NL
Time Spec, Floating Shield, Improved Accuracy (Closed Form): TLINP4T
Phase Spec: Grounded Shield, Open (Closed Form): TLOC
Phase Spec: Floating Shield, Open (Closed Form): TLOC2
Physical Spec: Grounded Shield, Open, Improved Accuracy (Closed Form): TLOCP
Physical Spec: Floating Shield, Open, Improved Accuracy (Closed Form): TLOCP2
Phase Spec: Grounded Shield, Shorted (Closed Form): TLSC
Phase Spec: Floating Shield, Shorted (Closed Form): TLSC2
Physical Spec: Grounded Shield, Shorted, Improved Accuracy (Closed Form): TLSCP
Physical Spec: Floating Shield, Shorted, Improved Accuracy (Closed Form): TLSCP2
Asymmetrical Capacitive Iris in Rectangular Waveguide (TE10): CAPIRIS_TE10
Off-centered Capacitive Post in Rectangular Waveguide (TE10): CAPPOST_TE10
Ideal Coaxial-Rectangular Waveguide Transition (TE10): COAXRWG_TE10
Symmetrical Rectangular Waveguide E-bend (TE10): EBEND_TE10
Symmetrical Rectangular Waveguide E-step (TE10): ESTEP_TE10
Symmetrical Rectangular Waveguide H-step (TE10): HSTEP_TE10
Off-centered Inductive Post in Rectangular Waveguide (TE10): INDPOST_TE10
Rectangular Waveguide (TEmn): RWG_TEmn
Symmetrical Inductive Iris (TE10): RWGIRIS_TE10
Rectangular Waveguide Termination (TEmn): RWGT_TEmn
A. Supplemental Model Information
Models and Model Blocks
Microstrip iCells
Linear Models for Transmission Line Systems

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