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EEHEMT implements ADS's EEsof Scalable Nonlinear HEMT model (EE_HEMT1). Contact Technical Support for AWR Products for additional information.


Name Description Unit Type Default
ID Element ID Text EEHEMT1
*Vto Threshold voltage, zero bias Voltage -1.435
*Gamma Threshold constant Scaler 0.03492
*Vgo Gate-source voltage for maximum gm Voltage -0.8118
*Vdelt Not used Voltage 15.05e-09
*Vch Gate-source voltage where Gamma has no effect Voltage 0.1
*Gmmax Peak gm Conductance 0.08942
*Vdso Output voltage where Vo has no effect Voltage 2
*Vsat Drain-source voltage for current saturation Voltage 1.128
*Kapa Output conductance Scaler 133.2e-18
*Peff Power for self-heating, channel to backside Power 3.841
*Vtso Onset voltage, subthreshold Voltage -10
*Is Reverse saturation current, gate diode junction Current 2.816e-12
*N Gate diode ideality factor Scaler 1.568
*Ris Channel resistance, source end Resistance 0.587
*Rid Channel resistance, drain end Resistance 0.001
*Tau Transit time delay, gate Time 1.018e-12
*Cdso Capacitance, drain-source Capacitance 34.37e-15
*Rdb Resistance of dispersion source Resistance 2000
*Cbs Capacitance, trapping-state Capacitance 60e-12
*VtoAC AC threshold voltage, zero bias Voltage -1.413
*GammaAC AC threshold constant Scaler 0.03512
*VdeltAC Not used Voltage 1
*GmmaxAC AC peak gm Conductance 0.08815
*KapaAC AC output conductance Scaler 133.2e-12
*PeffAC Power for self-heating, channel to backside, AC Power 63.69
*VtsoAC Onset voltage, subthreshold, AC Voltage -10
*Gdbm Idb conductance at Vo = Vdsm Conductance 0.00142
*Kdb Controls Vds dependence of Idb Scaler 0.08882
*Vdsm Voltage where Idb = 0 Voltage 1
*C11o Maximum capacitance for Vds=Vdso and Vdso>Deltds Capacitance 174.1e-15
*C11th Minimum capacitance for Vds=Vdso Capacitance 75.36e-15
*Vinfl Inflection voltage in C11-Vgs characteristic Voltage -1.233
*Deltgs Transition voltage, C11th to C11o Voltage 0.4244
*Deltds Transition voltage, linear to saturation region Voltage 0.5673
*Lambda C11-Vds characteristic slope Scaler 0.05150
*C12sat Transcapacitance for Vgs=Vinfl and Vds>Deltds Capacitance 18.41e-15
*Cgdsat Capacitance, gate drain for Vds>Deltds Capacitance 20.39e-15
*Kbk Breakdown current coefficient Scaler 0.03
*Vbr Drain-gate breakdown voltage Voltage 15
*Nbr Breakdown current exponent Scaler 2
*Idsoc Open channel drain-source current Current 0.193
*Rd Contact resistance, drain Resistance 2.398
*Rs Contact resistance, source Resistance 2.015
*Rg Metallization resistance, gate Resistance 3.074
*UgwRef Reference unit gate width Length 75e-06
*NfgRef Reference number of gate fingers Scaler 2
*Vco Voltage, gm compression for Vds=Vdso Voltage -0.4962
*Vba Voltage, gm compression tail-off Voltage 5
*Vbc Transition voltage, gm roll-off to tail-off Voltage 0.4131
*Mu Adds Vds dependence to gm compression onset Scaler 1.332e-18
*Deltgm Slope of gm compression characteristic Scaler 0.09378
*DeltgmAC AC slope of gm compression characteristic Scaler 0.07629
*Alpha Transition voltage, gm saturation to compression Voltage 0.07436
*Kmod Model number Scaler 1
*Kver Version number Scaler 1005
*Rgtc Linear temperature coefficient for Rg Scaler 0
*Rdtc Linear temperature coefficient for Rd Scaler 0
*Rstc Linear temperature coefficient for Rs Scaler 0
*Vtotc Linear temperature coefficient for Vtso Scaler 0
*Gmmaxtc Linear temperature coefficient for Gmmax Scaler 0
*Xti Saturation current temperature exponent Scaler 3.0
*Vinfltc Linear temperature coefficient for Vinfl Scaler 0
*Gammatc Linear temperature coefficient for Gamma Scaler 0
*VtoACtc Linear temperature coefficient for VtoAC Scaler 0
*GmmaxACtc Linear temperature coefficient for GmmaxAC Scaler 0
*GammaACtc Linear temperature coefficient for GammaAC Scaler 0
*Tnom Parameter measurement temperature Temperature 25
*Temp Temperature of environment Temperature 25
*Ld Drain inductance (not scaled) Inductance 30.29e-12
*Ls Source inductance (not scaled) Inductance 8.163e-12
*Lg Gate inductance (not scaled) Inductance 45.85e-12
UgwNew New unit gate width Length 75e-06
NfgNew New number of gate fingers Scaler 2
*Lshunt Shunt inductance parallel to Idb (not scaled) Inductance 1e-3
*NOISE Noise model off or on Scaler Noise off
*COMPAT AWR model or ADS model Scaler AWR

* indicates a secondary parameter

Implementation Details

This model is based on ADS's publicly available model documentation, so it has a parameter set and behavior consistent with ADS's original model. The model has been enhanced to support fully symmetrical behavior, which cannot be found in ADS's original model. You can access this behavior by choosing "AWR" as the COMPAT setting.


This element does not have an assigned layout cell. You can assign artwork cells to any element. See “Assigning Artwork Cells to Layout of Schematic Elements” for details.


[1] P. Antognetti and G. Massobrio, Semiconductor Device Modeling with SPICE, New York: McGraw-Hill, 1988.

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