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Chip Capacitor - 3D EM Cell (Closed Form): CHCAP_EM



This element should only be used in 3D EM documents. The intent of this model is to create a 3D parameterized cell for a chip capacitor for 3D EM analysis. See “Using 3D EM Elements ” for details on using 3D pCells with Cadence® AWR® Analyst™ 3D FEM EM analysis software.


Name Description Unit Type Default
ID Name Text IC1
L Plate length Length 40 um
W Plate width Length 40 um
D Thickness of filling dielectric Length 2 um
T Plate thickness Length 2 um
Rho Metal resistivity relative to gold   1
Er Relative dielectric constant of filling dielectric   1
Tand Loss tangent of filling dielectric   0
*DIE_NAME Filling dielectric name for 3D EM cell   ""
*Orientation Horizontal plates/Vertical plates   "Horizontal plates"


This element does not have a layout that can be used in schematic layout. When you first use this layout cell, a layer named "CHCAP_EM" is added to your drawing layer and model layer list (if they are not already there). Using the model layer mapping, you can assign these layers to draw on any drawing layer.

3D EM Layout

This element has a layout cell specifically for Analyst 3D EM layouts. See “Using 3D EM Elements ” for details on using 3D pCells with Analyst software. The parameters of the model fully define a parallel plate capacitor.

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