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Bipolar Transistor Beta Controlled (Closed Form): BIPB


Equivalent Circuit


Name Description Unit Type Default
ID Element ID Text B1
B Magnitude of DC current gain (beta)   100
A Current gain phase offset Angle 0 Deg
T Current gain time delay Time 0 ns
CC Collector capacitance Capacitance 0 pF
GC Collector conductance Conductance 0 S
RB Base resistance Resistance 1 ohm
LB Base inductance Inductance 0 nH
CE Emitter capacitance Capacitance 0 pF
RE Emitter resistance Resistance 1 ohm
LE Emitter inductance Inductance 0 nH
REL Emitter load resistance Resistance 1 ohm

Implementation Details

Implements a bipolar junction transistor with DC gain specified by B.

The frequency-dependent current gain β(f) is given by


1. B must be greater than zero.

2. Assumed to be noiseless.


This element does not have an assigned layout cell. You can assign artwork cells to any element. See “Assigning Artwork Cells to Layout of Schematic Elements” for details.

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