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Balun, Balanced to Unbalanced Ferrite Sleeve (Closed Form): BALUN2


Equivalent Circuit


Name Description Unit Type Default
ID Element ID Text BU#
Zo Char. Imped of Txline Resistance 50 ohm
Len Physical length of Txline Length L[1]
Er Effective dielectric constant of Tx line   1
A Attenuation const of Txline (dB/m)   0
F Frequency for scaling of Txline attenuation Frequency 0 GHz
Mu Relative permeability of the ferrite sleeve   1
L Inductive index (inductive units/turns2) Inductance 1 nH

[1] User-modifiable default. Modify by editing under $DEFAULT_VALUES in the default.lpf file in the root installation directory.

Implementation Details

This component models an ideal balanced-to-unbalanced transformer that consists of a transmission line wound around a ferrite core. The external balanced line connects to ports 1 and 2; the external unbalanced line to port 3.

The choking inductance, Lc, is

The attenuation A(F) has the following frequency dependence:

where f is a simulation frequency.


This element does not have an assigned layout cell. You can assign artwork cells to any element. See “Assigning Artwork Cells to Layout of Schematic Elements” for details.

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