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Swept AC Current Source: ACCSS



This signal source is superseded and should be replaced with one of the following: AC_V for voltage sources, AC_I for current sources, or PORT_SRC for ports, with the Signal parameter set to this signal type.

The period for tone 1 sources is the inverse of the specified simulation frequency; see “Frequency Sweep Control” for details.


Name Description Unit Type Default
ID Current source ID Text V1
IStart AC current magnitude start Current 0 mA
IStop AC current magnitude stop Current 50 mA
IStep AC current magnitude step Current 1 mA
Ang AC current angle Angle 0 Deg
Offset Waveform offset (does not affect DC) Current 0
DCVal DC value (Used for DC analysis) Current 0

Implementation Details

This element is identical to ACCS except that it allows you to specify a current magnitude sweep.

NOTE: Cadence® AWR® simulators add some series resistance to this element during simulation. This may affect results if injecting current into a large resistance. To change the value of the resistance, choose Options > Default Circuit Options to display the Circuit Options dialog box, then click the AWR Sim tab and under Convergence Aids specify the Series source resistance.

NOTE: If a sinusoidal nonlinear source like this one has the parameter Ang=0 and is ideally terminated, then a nonlinear measurement (e.g. Pcomp or Vcomp) made at the fundamental output of that source will have an angle of -90deg. This discrepancy is consistent with the definition of the sine wave sources (as in SPICE), and the Fourier based harmonic component measurements. To avoid confusion, always measure or calculate the gain, and plot its angle.


This element does not have an assigned layout cell. You can assign artwork cells to any element. See “Assigning Artwork Cells to Layout of Schematic Elements” for details.

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