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Transmission Line Calculator Dialog Box

The Transmission Line Calculator dialog box allows you, for some transmission line and coupled transmission line elements, to synthesize physical parameters based on electrical specifications. To access this dialog box, right-click a transmission line element in a schematic and choose Synthesize. This dialog box contains the following options:

Field Description
Physical property grid Initially populated with the schematic's center frequency (calculated as the N/2 frequency in the list), the model's physical parameters, and referenced substrate parameters. If any of the physical parameters are equations, the evaluated value displays. Select Synthesize check boxes for the transmission line physical parameters to synthesize based on the Electrical property grid Target values.
Electrical property grid Displays the targeted electrical values after synthesis.
Left arrow Click to run the synthesis program.
Right arrow Click to run the analysis program. Generally unnecessary as an analysis is performed with the final physical values.
Ele Help Displays the Help for the selected element.
Sub Help Displays the Help for the associated substrate.

For more information, see the Help for the supported transmission line/coupled transmission line elements: MLIN, MCLIN, SLIN, SCLIN, S1LIN, CPW1LINE, RWG_TEmn, COAX, and COAXC.

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