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Data File Options Dialog Box: MDIF Files Tab

The Data File Options dialog box MDIF Files tab allows you to specify sorting options for imported/linked MDIF files within this project. To access this tab, right-click on the Data Files node in the Project Browser and choose Options. This dialog box contains the following options:

Field Description
MDIF Variable Sort Order When importing version 6.0 projects, the sorting order defaults to Alphabetical to maintain the sort order used in 6.0, and thus the simulation results. To use alphanumeric sorting in a project created in version 6.0, open the project, set MDIF Variable Sort Order to Alphanumeric, and save the project as a version 6.5 or higher project. Same as file, the default option, causes the sorting order to be the same as the (often arbitrary) ordering of values in the MDIF file.

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