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Element Options Dialog Box: Model Options Tab

The options displayed in this dialog box differ based on the type of model selected. This dialog box is for non-subcircuits and non-distributed elements. See “Element Options Dialog Box: (Distributed Line) Model Options Tab” for options for distributed line models and “Element Options Dialog Box: (Subcircuit) Model Options Tab” for options for subcircuits.

The Element Options dialog box Model Options tab allows you to specify model type and SPICE model extraction options. To access this tab, double-click an element or port in a schematic window, or click an element in the schematic window, right-click, and choose Properties. This dialog box contains the following options:

Field Description
SPICE Model Extraction Use schematic defaults: Uses the default SPICE netlist syntax for the chosen SPICE simulator.
EM Extraction Options Select the Enable check box to enable EM extraction of the element. You must also set the Group name. For more information, see EM: Creating EM Structures with Extraction.
Multi-rate Harmonic Balance (AWR® APLAC®only) Choose the block ID of the multi-rate harmonic balance block.
Vector Instance Properties Allows you to create the specified number of vector instances. For example [0:3] creates four instances. See “Vector Instances” for details.

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