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List of Decimal Numbers


Lists of decimal numbers are comma-delimited sets of values that usually represent point locations or directions. You can enter or edit vector values by typing directly in the second column, or by clicking the plus icon ("+") to the left of the parameter name to expand the grid and display individual vector values for editing. The following figure shows the Corner property expanded with edited values.

Example Usage

Corner of a Box. See “Box” for more information.

Expression Support

Expressions are allowed in each entry of the list.

Recording - see “Recorder Control” for more information

Triplet of numbers: SolidOperation_1.Get_IBoxCornerExtent().SetExCorner("-0.011, -0.004, 0.02")

Using variables and functions: SolidOperation_1.Get_IBoxCornerExtent().SetExCorner("xval, yval, pow(2,2)cm")

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