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By default, the electric and magnetic fields are output for every mode, as are the surface current density and the power loss. The electric and magnetic fields are calculated throughout the simulation domain, and the current density and power loss are calculated on all surfaces that are lossy enough to be considered good electric conductors. You may suppress field output to reduce file size and speed up the simulation, if you do not intend to view the fields. To suppress field output, set Output to None in the simulation setup dialog box, under Fields/Electric, Magnetic, and Surface Current Density. For information on producing a field annotation, see “Annotations”. Only the real component of the field is shown by default. If the system is purely lossless with no periodicity, the magnetic field is purely imaginary, and thus the default view of the magnetic field will show zero fields.

The mode fields are normalized to one of the following quantities, which you can change in the simulation properties dialog box:

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