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2.4.5. Customizing the Quick Access Toolbar

The Quick Access toolbar displays above or below the ribbon and allows you to perform frequent commands with one click. This toolbar is always accessible regardless of which ribbon tab is active. The following figure shows the Quick Access toolbar.

To customize the toolbar, click the Customize Quick Access Toolbar (down-arrow) button on the right side of the toolbar and choose Customize Quick Access Toolbar. In the Customize Quick Access Toolbar dialog box, you can display and choose commands from selected menus or the Start button and add them to the Quick Access toolbar.

To add a command to the Quick Access Toolbar, select the command on the left and click the Add>> button to add it to the list of quick access commands on the right. To remove a command from the quick access list, select it on the right and click the <<Remove button.

You can control the order of commands on the Quick Access toolbar by selecting a command and then pressing the up or down arrow to move it up or down the list.

The Customize Quick Access Toolbar (down-arrow) button also provides access to the Place Quick Access Toolbar below/above the Ribbon option and the Minimize the Ribbon option that hides the ribbon to provide more workspace. Choose this option again to toggle the display of the ribbon.

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