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2.5. Crash Reporting

Analyst detects unexpected problems that occur when it is running and prompts you to submit a crash report to help AWR; fix the problem. An Error window similar to the following displays under these conditions,

This error indicates that Analyst crashed unexpectedly and has bundled the relevant information to help diagnose the cause of the crash. You can send this report to AWR by clicking the Send report button. The crash report is compressed into a zip file and sent via http to a server where it is automatically processed and reviewed by AWR Support. Alternatively, you can click Other actions and close the window without sending a report, or choose to send the report later.

When you click Send report a progress window displays and the report is sent. If the crash report is small, this process takes under ten seconds. If the report is large (for example, 50 MB) it takes longer.

To view the contents of the crash report click What does the report contain?. A window similar to the following displays to allow you to open individual files and optionally delete files from the report. To view details about the nature of the files in the report click Privacy Policy.

AWR highly recommends clicking Send report to assist Support with troubleshooting the problem.

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