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Access to most of the script based post processing functionality requires that you start with an object like an “IField”, “IUniformElementMesh”, “IParticles”, “IParticleScalars”, “IParticleVectors”, or “IMeasurable”.

When working inside Analyst, it is common to start with an annotation. In this case, start by choosing Create Script Object from an annotation's Browser node context menu. You can obtain one of the object types listed above by using one of these functions:

  1. IFieldAnnotation::GetField

  2. IMeshAnnotation::GetMesh

  3. IParticleAnnotation::GetParticles

  4. IParticleAnnotation::GetParticleScalars

  5. IParticleAnnotation::GetParticleVectors

  6. IMeasurable::SizeTables and IMeasurable::GetTable

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