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In order to maintain undo/redo group consistency inside the Analyst system, Analyst will automatically insert undo and redo related lines in the recording when the user triggers an undo or redo. These lines show up as "Model.UndoGroupStart()", "Model.UndoGroupEnd()", "Model.Undo()", and "Model.Redo()".

An example of the recording after drawing a box, undoing and redoing:

# Created in v11.00.6790.0 on Friday, November 1, 2013 10:57:36 AM
import analyst
PyModel_1 = analyst.GetModel()
PyStructure_1 = PyModel_1.GetStructure()
PyGeometry_1 = PyStructure_1.GetGeometry()
PySolid_1 = PyGeometry_1.Box("Box_1", "World", "Air", "-0.013, 0.007, 0", "0.015, -0.015, 0.006")

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