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7.3.1. Keystrokes

Use the following keystrokes to better navigate the Variables Control. All keystrokes are meant to be done while having a cell selected but not in edit mode. Note that the left and right arrow keys will not work while an active check box cell is selected. Up, Down, Tab and Shift+Tab will still work. To cancel a cell-edit press Escape.

Key Description
F2, Space bar Begin editing cell
Right Arrow, Tab Move focus to the next cell to the right
Left Arrow, Shift+Tab Move focus to the next cell to the left
Down Arrow Move focus to the next cell down
Up Arrow Move focus to the next cell up
End Move focus to the last cell in the row
Home Move focus to the first cell in the row
Page Down Move focus to the bottom cell in the column
Page Up Move focus to the top cell in the column
F2 Begin editing cell

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