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Compound units comprise more than one basic unit e.g. velocity(meters per second). The following table contains all the compound units available in Analyst. These units have their own working option to control how values are displayed.

Name Description
Acceleration “Length” / “Time”2
Angular Frequency “Phase” / “Time”
Area “Length” 2
Bulk Electric Conductivity “Conductance” * “Length”
Bulk Electric Resistivity “Impedance” / “Length”
Bulk Magnetic Conductivity “Conductance” / “Length”
Charge Density “Charge” / “Length”3
Current Density “Current” / “Length”2
Electric Field “Voltage” / “Length”
Electric Flux Density “Charge” / “Length”2
Kick Factor “Voltage” / (“Charge” * “Length”2)
Magnetic Field “Current” / “Length”
Magnetic Vector Potential “Magnetic Flux Density” * “Length”
Momentum “Mass” * “Length” / “Time”
Number Density “Number” / “Length”3
Permeability “Inductance” / “Length”
Permittivity “Capacitance” / “Length”
Phase Shift “Phase” / “Length”
Power Loss Density “Power” / “Length”2
Radiant Intensity “Power” / “Phase”
Surface Charge Density “Charge” / “Length”2
Surface Electric Conductivity “Conductance”
Surface Current Density “Current” / “Length”
Surface Number Density “Number” / “Length”2
Surface Electric Resistivity “Impedance”
Velocity “Length” / “Time”
Volume “Length” 3

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