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5.7.6. Restarting

Both steady state and time domain MICHELLE simulations can be restarted to allow for additional cycles/time steps without incurring the costs associated with rerunning the entire simulation. Many of the MICHELLE parameters can be changed prior to a restart including some of the most common parameters such as Maximum Number of Relaxation Cycles, Cycle Averaging Factor, Maximum Allowed Number of TimeSteps, and Time Step. Restarting is permitted after a simulation completes successfully or is soft-aborted.

To restart a simulation, on the Simulation ribbon in the Execution group, click Restart. This will create a job and submit it to the job scheduler. Results from a restart simply replace the current results.

Simulations can also be restarted by clicking the simulation's node in the Navigator tree and selecting Restart from the context menu. Multiple simulations can be scheduled for restart by clicking the Simulations Navigator node and selecting Restart All from the context menu.

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