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4.8.1. Analyst Potential Geometry Problem Found

Problems in initial meshing and mesh refinement most commonly arise in the following situations:

The following conditions are of particular note:

These conditions are not always catastrophic to the meshing process, but they may lead to low qumay ality mesh, thereby slowing down the convergence of the finite element solvers. Some problems could also produce incorrect physics and cause simulation failure.. If Analyst detects such conditions it will proceed if it can, but generate a warning message. If it cannot proceed it will generate an error message and meshing will stop.

Analyst provides assistance in determining where these and other conditions are located as described in the next section. It is often possible to fix sliver faces and short edges by altering the geometry slightly to correct misalignments. Even if the simulation continues, it is always a good idea to adjust the geometry to eliminate the issues.

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